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EKEBERG, Anders Gustaf.

(1767 – 1813)

(Born: Stockholm, Sweden, 16 January 1767; Died: Uppsala, Sweden, 11 February 1813) Swedish chemist & mineralogist.

Came to Upsala 1784 and studied under, among others, Thunberg and defended alltogether six thesises in natural history between 1787 and 1800. He was hired 1799 by the Upsala Academy as a lecturer and laborator in chemistry. His major contribution to science was the naming of yttria and the discovery of tantalum. Yttria was named in a follow up article (KVAH 1797, 156) on the black mineral gadolinite and the new "earth" described therein by Johan Gadolin (KVAH 1794). Five years later he published an article (KVAH 1802, 68) where he compared yttrium and beryllium (ytterjord vs berylljord), in it he reports on a new mineral yttrotantal (yttrotantalite) that apart from yttrium also contains a new metal tantalum. He was a member of the Royal Swedish academy of Sciences (1799) as well as the Society of Sciences in Uppsala (1810). Ekeberg suffered from weak helth and died only 46 years old. \Jkjellman

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1. Latin, 1796 [Dissertation].
Dissertatio chemica | de | Topazio, | [rule] | cujus partem primam | suffrag. ampliss. ord. philos. | publico judicio subjiciunt | Mag. And. G. Ekeberg, | Chemiæ Docens, Stip. Sparf. | et | Jah. Christoph Kewenter, | Stip. Pip. | Uplandi. | In audit. Gust. Maj. d. xxiii Martii MDCCXCVI. | H.S. | [ornate rule] | Upsaliæ, | Litteris Joh. Fr. Edman, Reg. Acad. Typogr.

8°: A4 B1; 5l.; [1]-10 p.

Contents: [1], Title page.; [2-4], Dedications.; [5]-10, Text.

Very scarce. Chemical analysis of brazilian topaz where Ekeberg applies Klaproth's methods for dissolving hard minerals. Hans Christopher Kewenter [1775-1839]. \Jkjellman

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