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The how-to for digital subscription and digital issue downloads

Digital:  The future is here! 


While the Mineralogical Record has absolutely no plans to discontinue our award-winning paper edition, we have taken the next step to ensure that all subscribers or purchasers, no matter where they live, can have access to our wonderful publication.

Advantages include:

Instant delivery. Issues purchased [through our website] are immediately available for download.  Subscribers to digital receive their downloads (delivered to their accounts) days or weeks (outside the U.S.) before the paper is delivered to subscribers’ mailboxes.  And there are, of course, NO shipping costs.

Space-savers. Digital downloads take up no shelf space.  And if you own an entire collection of 50 years or more of the paper version of the Mineralogical Record you know how much space that requires!

More easily accessible, searchable and translate-able. When you’re looking to access a certain article, you know it takes extra time (and sometimes quite a bit) to try and find the article (which CAN be done via the SEARCH function on our website by-the-way) and then to dig out your copy of the issue and look up the information.  And while you may still have to use our website to search for an article, finding the issue on your computer should take less time (less physical exertion anyway), and because our digital issues are all in PDF format, they are also searchable within themselves.  (For more on that, click HERE).  Also, because we do use PDF format, you can always copy and paste articles into Google Translate to read it in your preferred language- something you cannot do with our paper version.

Looks fabulous onscreen. All the photographs are back-lit, making the specimen images look more 3-dimensional.  And with more recent digital issues and digital photography, you can enlarge the photographs and get hyper detail of individual specimens and even zoom-in on individual specimens in display case or group shots!  You can also enlarge the font, a definite plus for those of us with aged, or just tired eyes!  And just like the printed version, you get the whole issue, cover-to-cover, including the ads.  And if you download your digital issue into Adobe (or have access to certain web browsers) you can read your digital issue just like the printed version!  (More on that HERE)

Read it anywhere. If you have a computer and a valid email address you should be able to download our digital issues no matter where you live.  Good news for those countries who have trouble with mail delivery!  And, our issues can be downloaded into your mobile device so you can access them while traveling.  (More on that HERE)

Much lower cost! Last but not least, the cost for a “Digital-only” subscription is currently ONLY $54 a year, for everyone.  No matter where you live!  And if you want to add digital to your current paper subscription, the cost is currently only $24 per year- just $4 an issue!  (Shop Digital Subscriptions HERE) The price for digital out-of-print [paper] issues runs from $9 to $29.  All in-print issues in digital format are cover price.  We don’t have all our issues available in digital format yet but we’re working on it!  (Shop digital issues HERE)

Digital Subscriptions and issues are available through our website at  Click on the “Subscribe” dropdown menu on the bright blue bar at the top of the website and then click on “Digital”.  Signing up for a Digital Subscription will require signing up for an account with Automatic Renewal.

Need more information?   Want to know more about how to access your digital downloads?

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