Back Issues — Vol.51, No.5   2020
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Clay Center!
Vol.51, No.5
September - October 2020
Clay Center!
Title Page number(s)
The White Rock quarry, Clay Center, Ottawa County, Ohio
Christopher J. Stefano & Jamison K. Brizendine
651- 679
The Garnet Ledge almandine deposit
Wendell E. Wilson
685- 700
The Peter L. Via collection at James Madison University
Wendell E. Wilson
703- 726
Notes from the Editors
Died, Josef Vajdák, 89
Wendell E. Wilson
Died, Michael Evick, 89
Wendell E. Wilson
635- 636
Died, Benjy Kuehling, 81
Wendell E. Wilson
Died, Russell Filer, 98
Wendell E. Wilson
636- 637
Died, Chuck Trantham, 83
Cliff Imprescia
637- 638
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What\'s New in Minerals
Shows - None!
Wendell E. Wilson
731- 737
Marc Countiss, Karl Warning , Creed Taylor, Brian Eisemann, Laurent Gautron, Agustin Fernandez, Les Presmyk, Raymond C. Dedeyne, Bruce Cairncross & Timothy J. Blackwood
739- 740
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