Using PayPal

Paying with PayPal for Books and Back issues

It’s easy.  You can pay/check-out as a guest, register for an on-line account and pay that way or use/pay through an already existing account.  Just add books and back issues to your cart and pay/check-out with PayPal.  

Paying with PayPal for a Subscription

Using the “One-time Purchase” option

Works the same way as purchasing Books and Back issues.  Just add the subscription or subscription renewal to your cart and pay/check-out with PayPal.

Using “Automatic Renewal”

 For subscribing or renewing a subscription, you can choose the “Automatic Renewal” option. 

Or if your subscription is, or includes a digital subscription, “Automatic Renewal” is required as an account is created/needed to store your digital issue downloads.

If you decide to use PayPal for an account requiring Automatic Renewal, please observe the following guidelines:

1)  It may take up to 3 minutes for your [recurring] subscription purchase to be approved.  When you check out with PayPal, your order will go into “on-hold” status.  You will receive a confirmation email as to whether or not your order is “being processed” or has “failed” within 3 minutes.  If it has “failed” you will need to go back and use a credit card to complete your purchase.

Reasons for “failed”

2) Your PayPal [recurring subscription purchase] will “fail” if you do not have a “verified” PayPal account.  If you have just opened up a PayPal account, it could take several business days for your account to be verified.

3)  Your PayPal [recurring subscription purchase] may “fail” if you do not use the same billing and shipping address associated with your PayPal account.   Just like with a/your credit card, your addresses will have to match to avoid being “declined”.  Go back and make sure your address is correct, if it “fails” again, you will need to use a credit card to complete your purchase.

4)  If your PayPal account or the credit card, or bank account associated with your PayPal account does not have adequate funds, your PayPal [recurring subscription purchase] will “fail”.  Just like paying with a credit or debit card, your PayPal payment will be “declined/fail” if there is not adequate funds, not only for the purchase you are making at present, but also for any possible future payments- if PayPal considers your account at risk for future payments, your PayPal purchase will “fail” and you will need to use a credit card to complete your purchase.

5) Banks outside the U.S. have different rules with regard to the use of credit/debit cards or the bank account associated with PayPal accounts.  If you’re trying to use PayPal for an account with Automatic Renewal and you live outside the U.S., and your PayPal purchase “fails” and you have exercised all of the above guidelines, you will need to use a credit card to complete your purchase. 

Please note, that unlike a credit card, PayPal never uses the word “declined”, just “failed”. 


The Mineralogical Record does not hold or retain any credit card information in their off-line database, nor is it retrieved from, or the website.