Mineralogical Record Vol. 51, No. 2, 2020



March – April 2020
Announcing: the 50-year “What’s New in Minerals”
Wendell E. Wilson
285- 288
Pink amethyst from the El Choique mine, Patagonia, Argentina
George R. Rossman, Ana L. Rainoldi, Lucas Di Martino, Andrés Oteiza
293- 303
The Copper World and Mohawk mines
Paul M. Adams
309- 352
Book Reviews
Rubellite– Tourmaline Rouge, William B. Simmons and Gloria Staebler, Eds.
Thomas P. Moore
355- 356
Minerals & Gemstones of East Africa, by Bruce Cairncross
Thomas P. Moore
356- 357
Minerals from Marbles of Carrara and the Apuan Alps, by Cristian Biagioni et al.
Thomas P. Moore
357- 358
Playing in a Big Boy’s Sandbox: Asarco’s Mission Mining Complex, by Billy M. Williams
Thomas P. Moore
358- 359
What’s New in Minerals
Denver Show 2019
Thomas P. Moore
363- 376
Munich Show 2019
Thomas P. Moore
376- 387
New Mexico Symposium 2019
Christopher J. Stefano
387- 389

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