About Mineral Collecting (Available only in DIGITAL)




Compilation by Rock H. Currier.  A 2009 Supplement- November – December Volume 40, No. 6.2  Only available in DIGITAL

About Mineral Collecting could equally well be entitled An Insider’s Guide to Mineral Collecting, filled with the kind of rare and practical information that every collector needs to fully appreciate, understand and enjoy the uniquely interesting and complex hobby of mineral collecting. It is a collection of personal observations, ruminations, reflections, reminiscences, ramblings, digressions, grumblings, approbations, wisdom and advice gleaned from 50 years of experience collecting and dealing in minerals by Rock Henry Currier, prominent American dealer and collector. He’s been everywhere and seen it all — and is one of the more popular and entertaining writers ever to appear in the pages of the Mineralogical Record, from which these essays have been gathered. Buying the individual magazine issues containing all of these essays would cost $75, but here they are all assembled into one color-illustrated publication for just $20.

Illustrations include color paintings of over 60 mineral specimens drawn from early works published in the 18th to early 20th century, each one identified as to who the collector was, his birth and death years, and details about the specimens and the localities. These interesting specimen images help put our collecting into historical context, showing how much we really have in common with the mineral collectors of centuries past.

About Mineral Collecting is a unique work, valuable and entertaining to the beginner and the advanced collector alike. Send a copy to your favorite young collector and start him on a lifetime of fascination and learning.

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