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ZAMBONINI, Ferruccio.

(1880 – 1932)

(Born: Rome, Italy, 17 December 1880; Died: Naples, Italy, 12 January 1932) Italian mineralogist & vulcanologist.

Zambonini was successively professor of mineralogy at the Universities of Sassari (1909-10), Palermo, Sicily (1910-13) and Torino (1913-22), before becoming professor of general chemistry at the University of Naples. He named 30 mineral species and varieties. and studied the isomorphism of complex compounds and rare earths and worked especially on Vesuvius and its mineralogy.

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Abhandlungen zur Kristallographie ... Herausgegeben von F. Zambonini (Leipzig, 1906).
See under: Sella, Quintino.

1. Italian, 1910 [First edition].
Ferruccio Zambonini | [rule] | Mineralogia Vesuviana | Opera Premiata dalla R. Accademia delle Scienze Fis. E Mat. di Napoli | Nell'Adunanza del di 2 gennaio 1910 | [ornament] | Napoli | Tipografia Della R. Accademia Delle Scienze Fisiche e Matematiche | diretta da E. De Rubertis fu Michele | [rule] | 1910.

4°: [4], [1]-368 p., diagrs., index.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso "Memoria estratta dal vol. XIV, Serie 2a, No 7, degli Atti della R. Accademia ..."; [1 pg], "Alla | Memoria di mia Figlia | Lidia."; [1 pg], Blank.; [1]-359, Text.; [360], "Errata-Corrige."; [361]-363, "Indice."; [364], Blank.; [365]-368, "Indice Alfabetico dei Minerali."

Very scarce. Published as, Memoria estratta dal Vol. XIV, Ser. 2a, No. 7, degli Atti della R. Accademia delle scienze fis. e mat. di Napoli, this is an outstanding topographical mineralogy, giving in this edition and the expanded second edition [which see next entry], the best description of the various mineral species found at Mount Vesuvius in Italy. The text gives an overview of the volcano, its history and its geology, followed by a detailed descriptive list of minerals found on its slopes. To verify identification, Zambonini preformed chemical analysis in his descriptions.

Appendix, 1912: Appendice alla Mineralogia Vesuviana ... Ferruccio Zambonini. Napoli, Tipografia della R. Accademia delle Scienze Fisiche e Matematiche, 1912. 4°: [4], 51, [1] p. (first 2 p. and last p. blank), illus. Errata, p. 51. Includes bibliographical references.

2. Italian, 1934 [2nd edition].
Ferruccio Zambonini | Mineralogia Vesuviana | II Edizione | A Cura Di | Emanuele Quercigh | [ornament] | Napoli | S.I.E.M.- Stab. Industrie Editoriali Meridion Ali | Tipografia Della R. Accademia Delle Scienze Fis. E Matem. | S. Giovanni Maggiore Pignatelli, 2 | 1934-XIII.

4°: [1]-463, [1] p., index. Page size: 356 x 252 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Half title page, "Mineralogia Vesuviana," verso "Supplemento al volume XX, Serie 2a | degli Atti della R. Accademia delle Scienze fisiche e matematische di Napoli."; [3-4], Title page, verso blank.; [5], "Prefazione Alla II Edizione."; [6], Blank.; [7]-9, "Prefazione Alla I Edizione."; [10], Blank.; [11]-455, Text.; [456], "Aggiunte."; [457]-463, "Indice Alfabetico Dei Minerali."; [1 pg], Blank.

Very scarce. Edited and completed by Emanuele Vittorio Quercigh [see note below]. An update to the important first edition describing the mineralogy of volcano Vesuvius near Naples, Italy.

Emanuele Vittorio Quercigh. (Born: 1885; Died: after 1931) Italian mineralogist.

Bibliographical references: Dana's 7th (Bibliography): 84. (Quercigh) ABI: II 491, 94. WBI.