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(1533 – 1589)

(Born: 1533; Died: 1589) Italian naturalist.

Zabarella was a professor of natural philosophy at the University of Padua, and was an ambassador to Venice on several occassions.

1. Latin, 1607.
Jacobi Zabarellæ Patavini de rebus naturalibus libri XXX. Quibus quæstiones, quæ ab Aristotelis interpretibus hodie tractati solent, accurate discutiuntur cum triplici indices uno librorum, altero capitum omnium librorum, tertio rerum omn Francofurti, Sumptibus Lazari Zetzneri Bibliop, 1607.

4°: [14] p., 1076 cols., [30] p. Main text printed in double columns. Cuts: title vignette, initials, head and tail piece.

Rare. A collection of short treatises on a variety of topics dealing with natural philosophy. It had a great influence in its day, establishing the author as one of the great authorities on Aristotele.

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