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WYROUBOFF, Grigorij Nikolajewitsch.

(1843 – 1913)

(Born: Moscow, Russia, 1 November 1843; Died: Paris, France, December 1913) Russian crystallographer.

REWORK COMMENTARY: Wyrouboff was appointed professor of crystallography at the Collège de France in Paris in 1886.He was accepted to the Alexandre College an encyclopaedic instruction, as well literary as scientific. After having courses of Medicine followed to the university of Moscow, it turns to positive Philosophy. But it is finally its taste for the science which carries it and will make him devote quarante-cinq years to research in Crystallography and Chemistry.It is in 1866 that it publishes its first work on the colouring substances of the fluorite. Then it launches out in the study of the crystalline forms and the structure of the crystals, like their consequences on the physical properties. Passed main in the determination of the primitive shapes of the most complicated polyhedrons, it publishes a work entitled "crystallographic Calculations". It carries out a great number of crystallizations, seeking a relationship between the chemical composition and the crystalline form.Isomorphism retiend its attention, and about 1879 it disputes the general information of the law of Mitscherlich, then proposes to restrict the concept of isomorphism. The rotatory polarization of the light by the crystals gives also place to many research on behalf of Wyrouboff.It is not only by its scientific work that it knew to be made appreciate its contemporaries, but also by its human qualities, looking after the casualties in 1870. It is made naturalize in 1889, year when its "Handbook of Crystallography is published". Become professor with the College of France his liberalism attracts attacks to him as well as sincere friendships. It éteind in December 1913 after a long disease.

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1. French, 1889.
Manuel Pratique | De | Cristallographie | Par | G. Wyrouboff. | [ornament] | Paris, | Gauthier-Villars Et Fils, Imprimeurs-Libraires | Du Bureau Des Longitudes, De L'École Polytechnique, | Quai des Grands-Augustins, 55. | [rule] | 1889 | (Tous droits réservés.)

8°: [i]-xii, [1]-344 p., illus., 6 plates (showing crystal drawings, projections, and diagrams).

Contents: [i-ii], Half title page, "Manuel Pratique | De | Crystallographie," verso blank.; [iii-iv], Title page, verso blank.; [v]-x, "Préface."; [xi]-xii, "Table Des Matières."; [1]-344, Text.; [At end], 6 plates.

Very scarce. A practical manual giving the essentials of crystallographical science.

Bibliographical references: Dana's 7th (Bibliography): 84.