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WOODWARD, Horace Bolingbroke.

(1848 – 1914)

(Born: 20 August 1848; Died: 6 February 1914) English geologist.

Secretary of Geological Society, 1863-7. Associated with the Geological Survey of Great Britain, 1867-1908. Authored several important geological works.

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1. English, 1907.
The History | of the | Geological Society | of London | By | Horace B. Woodward, F.R.S. | London | Geological Society | Burlington House | 1907.

8°: π8 a2 B-Y8; 178l.; [i]-xix, [1], [1]-336 p., colored frontispiece, 27 plates, index. Tissue guards are present for each plate. Page size: 218 x 144 mm.

Contents: [i-ii], Half title page, "The History | of the | Geological Society of London," verso blank.; [iii-iv], Title page, verso blank.; [v]-x, "Preface."-signed Horace B. Woodward, 14 June 1907.; [xi]-xvi, "Contents."; [xvii]-xix, "Illustrations."; [1 pg], 5 lines quoted from Lyell's `Principles of Geology.'; [1]-262, Text.; [263]-323, "Appendix."; [324], Blank.; [325]-336, "Index."

Plates: In the upper left hand corner of each plate is the description, "History of the Geological Society." In the upper right hand corner is the plate number. The subject of each plate is described at the bottom of the illustration. The plate descriptions listed below are not transcriptions of the wording on the plates, but rather an indication of the plates subject.

Frontispiece (colored). The Rev. William Buckland, age 59, after a painting by R. Ansdell, R.A., done about 1843. Plate I (facing p. 10). Dr. William Babington. Plate II (facing p. 12). George Bellas Greenough. Plate III (facing p. 14). William Phillips. Plate IV (facing p. 36). Dr. John Mcculloch, after a portrait by R.B. Faulkner. Plate V (facing p. 40). The Rev. William Daniel Conybeare, age 65. Plate VI (facing p. 62). The Rev. Adam Sedgwick, age 82, after a drawing by Lowes Dickinson, 1867. Plate VII (facing p. 78). Sir Roderick Impey Murchison, after a painting by W.H. Pickersgill. Plate VIII (facing p. 80). Dr. William Henry Fitton, age 80, from a photograph taken in 1860. Plate IX (facing p. 82). George Poulett Scrope.

Plate X (facing p. 86). Sir Charles Lyell. Plate XI (facing p. 90). The Wollaston Medal. Plate XII (facing p. 92). William Smith, age 69, after a painting by M. Foureau. Plate XIII (facing p. 106). Sir Henry Thomas De La Beche. Plate XIV (facing p. 108). Robert A.C. Godwin-Austen. Plate XV (facing p. 112). Professor John Phillips, age 60, from a photograph taken in 1860. Plate XVI (facing p. 122). Dr. Gideon Algernon Mantell, after a painting by J.J. Masquerier. Plate XVII (facing p. 128). Dr. Hugh Falconer. Plate XVIII (facing p. 148). Professor Edward Forbes. Plate XIX (facing p. 162). Sir Joseph Prestwich.

Plate XX (facing p. 228). Professor Joseph Beete Jukes. Plate XXI (facing p. 234). Sir Andrew Crombie Ramsay. Plate XXII (facing p. 247). The Murchison Medal. Plate XXIII (facing p. 250). The Lyell Medal. Plate XXIV (facing p. 252). The Bigsby Medal. Plate XXV (facing p. 254). The Prestwich Medal. Plate XXVI (facing p. 256). Dr. William Thomas Blanford. Plate XXVII (facing p. 262). Sir Archibald Geikie.

Very scarce. A detailed history of the Geological Society of London, which was an outgrowth of the earlier British Mineralogical Society. Everything one might want to know about the first century of the London Geological Society is contained in this volume. Included are biographies of the founding members (mostly mineralogists) together with reproductions of their portraits which account for most of the plates. Included are biographies of the mineralogists, William Babington, Thomas Allan, Count Jacques-Louis Bournon, Arthur Aikin and William Phillips.

The text is divided into sixteen chapters and an appendix. The chapter titles are: I. Introductory. II. Origin, foundation and early history of the geological society. III. The old masters. The publication of "Transactions." IV. Geological maps. New series of "Transactions." V. The charter. Somerset House. The "Proceedings." VI. Early geological books. The Wollaston Medal and the father of English geology. Sedgwick and Murchison on Cambrian and Silurian. VII. The Geological Survey. The Devonian System. VIII. Catalogues of fossils. Early discoveries of vertebrata. IX. The glacial period. The Cambro-Silurian controversy. X. The "Quarterly Journal." XI. The rise of petrology. Close of the Cambro-Silurian controversy. XII. The southern uplands and the northwest highlands of Scotland. XIII. Antiquity of man. Palæontological nomenclature. XIV. Eozoon Canadense and the Laurentian rocks. The older rocks of Pembrokeshire. Petrology. XV. The Devonian question. Denudation. Origin of scenery. Glacial geology. XVI. Attendance of ladies. The museum and library. Medals and funds. Geological literature. The appendix gives lists of members, presidents, secretaries, etc.

Facsimile reprint, 1978: The History | Of The | Geological Society | Of London | Horace B. Woodward | [ornament] | Arno Press | A New York Times Company | New York/1978. 8°: [4], [i]-xix, [1], [1]-336, [2] p., frontispiece, 27 plates, index.

Bibliographical references: BL. NUC.

2. English, 1911.
History Of | Geology | By | Horace B. Woodward, | F.R.S., F.G.S. | [...5 lines of titles and memberships...] | [Issued For The Rationalist Press Association, Limited] | London: | Watts & Co., | 17 Johnson's Court, Fleet Street, E.C. | 1911.

8°: [A]-K8 (A8 mislabelled "B2"); 80l.; [i]-vi, 1-154 p., biblio., index, 14 illustrations (portraits). Page size: 182 x 120 mm.

Contents: [i], Blank.; [ii], Frontispiece.; [iii-iv], Title page, verso Blank.; v, "Contents."; vi, "List Of Illustrations."; 1-148, Text.; 149-150, "Bibliography."; 151-154, "Index."-at end, "Printed By Watts And Co., 17 Johnson's Court, Fleet Street, London, E.C."

Plates: The unnumbered illustrations usually show full page portraits of famous geologists. For the most part, these are photographic reproductions of earlier paintings and Deurragotypes.

Frontispiece (p. ii). Sir Charles Lyell (age 52), after a portrait by T.H. Maguire. Page 32, William Smith (age 69), after an engraving by T.A. Dean. Page 48, William Buckland (age 62), after a painting by T.C. Thomson. Page 51, William Maclure (age about 55), after an engraving by D.C. Hinman. Page 53, James de Carle Sowerby (age about 80). Page 59, William Hyde Wollaston (age about 56), after a painting by J. Jackson, R.A. Page 61, Leopold von Buch (age about 40). Page 86, James Dwight Dana (age about 70). Page 100, Adam Sedgwick (age about 50). Page 103, Sir Roderick Impey Muchison (age 68). Page 110, Louis Agassiz (age about 54). Page 123, Alcide d'Orbigny (age 37). Page 125, James Hall (age 80). Page 127, Etheldred Benett (age 60), after a silhouette, 1837.

Very scarce. A quaint, short history of geology, with good portrait illustrations. The book is clear and interesting in all its chapters. Stratigraphy assumes an important role, since it is based upon a succession of organisms inhabiting the earth, and this is an aspect of geology that is readily understood. Other disciplines can only be touched upon due to the small format of the work. Mineralogy and crystallography are only briefly covered.

The text is divided into 8 chapters. I. Early notions about the history of the earth. II. The founders of geology as a science. III. Geology in the early part of the nineteenth century. IV. The principles of geology. V. Local and offical geological surveys and economic geology. VI. The elucidation of the older geological systems, with remarks on the history of the new systems. VII. Palæontology and the succession of life. VIII. The Archæan and metamorphic rocks. Great earth movements. Petrology. Concluding remarks.

Facsimile reprint, 1978: A History Of The Sciences | [rule] | History Of | Geology | By | Horace B. Woodward, | [...5 lines of titles and memberships...] | With Illustrations | G.P. Putnam's Sons | New York And London | The Knickerbocker Press | 1911. New York, AMS Press, 1978. 8°: [2], [i]-viii, [1]-204 p., biblio., index, 14 illustrations (portraits).

Bibliographical references: Nature: 87 (August 31, 1911), 277.

3. English, 1911 [American issue].
A History Of The Sciences | [rule] | History Of | Geology | By | Horace B. Woodward, | [...5 lines of titles and memberships...] | With Illustrations | G.P. Putnam's Sons | New York And London | The Knickerbocker Press | 1911.

8°: π5 1-128 χ6; 107l.; [2], [i]-viii, [1]-204 p., biblio., index, 14 illustrations (portraits). Page size: 174 x 120 mm.

Contents: [1 pg], Half title page, "History Of Geology."; [1 pg], Frontispiece (portrait of Lyell).; [i-ii], Title page, verso blank.; iii, "Publisher's Note."; [iv], Blank.; v-vi, "Contents."; vii-viii, "Illustrations."; [1]-188, Text.; 189-192, "Bibliography."; 193-204, "Index."

Plates: Identical to the London edition of the same year.\

Very scarce. The text has been reset in a larger font thus increasing the page count and the placement of the illustrations in this issue.