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WINKLER, Gustav Georg.

(1820 – 1896)

(Born: Audorf, Germany, 2 August 1820; Died: 26 January 1896) German mineralogist & geologist.

Ph.D. from the University of Münich, 1855. Docent for geology at the University of Münich, 1859-68. Appointed assistant to the geological collection and professor of mineralogy and geology at the Industrial School of Münich.

Biographical references: ADB: 43, 451. DBA: II 1413, 264. Lambrecht & Quenstedt, Catalogus, 1938: 464. Poggendorff: 3, 1452. WBI.

1. German, 1855.
Die | Pseudomorphosen | Des | Mineralreichs. | [rule] | Kritische Zusammenstellung aller bisher aufgefundenen That- | achen und versuchten Erklärungen mineralischer Neubildungen, | mit einem Vorschlag neuer Nomenklatur und Eintheilung | derselben | von | Gustav Georg Winkler, | Doctor der Philosophie. | Von der königlichen Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität München | im Jahre 1855 gekrönte Preissschrift. | [ornate rule] | München, 1855. | Joh. Palm's Hofbuchhandlung.

8°: vi, 136 p. Page size: 216 x 134 mm.

Very scarce. A clear and concise review of pseudomorphism, containing a critical summation of all facts and explanations pertaining to the phenomena as it relates to the mineral kingdom. Two types of pseudomorphism are described. The first, produced principally from atmospheric effects, causes the original material to be altered. The second, produced through mineralizing solutions, replaces the orginal mineral with a new mineral that is carried in the solution. The book describes specific replacements, gives commentary of the viewpoints of Blum, Haidinger, Landgrebe, and others, and contains a large descriptive section.

Bibliographical references: American Journal of Science: 2nd Series, 22 (1856), 247.