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WARREN, Erasmus.

(1650? – 1718)

(Born: ; Died: 1718) English theologian.

Biographical references: BBA: I 1135, 324. Watt, Bibliotheca Britannica, 1824. WBI.

1. English, 1690 [First edition].
Geologia: or, a Discourse Concerning the Earth before the Deluge. Wherein the Form and Properties ascribed to it, in a Book intituled The Theory of the Earth, are Excepted against; And it is made appear, That the Dissolution of that Earth was not the Cause of the Universal Flood. Also a New Explication of that Flood is attempted. London, R. Chiswell for J. Southby, 1690.

8°: [15], 359, [1] p., 4 text illus.

Very scarce. Warren "was a rector who was more than a little perturbed by Burnet's cavalier treatment of the Mosaic writings. In responding to Burnet, Warren insisted that Genesis be taken literally...Warren maintained that God created the earth with its present form, and he defended the beauty of mountains against Burnet's diatribes. Getting into the scientific spirit, Warren even tried to show that there were mechanical problems with Burnet's hypothesis and that the earth could not possibly dry and crack in the manner he advocated."-Linda Hall Library, Theories of the Earth 1644-1830 (1984), 8.