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WALCHER, Joseph.

(1717 – 1803)

(Born: 6 January 1717; Died: 29 November 1803) German theologian.

Walcher, a Jesuit, was a professor of mechanics at the University of Vienna.

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1. German, 1773.
Nachrichten von den Eisbergen in Tyrol ... Wein, J. Kurzböcken, 1773.

8°: [14], 96 p., engraved vignettes on title and reverse of last leaf, 5 folding plates.

Scarce. Walcher's first book is a pioneering, very detailed account of the glaciers of the Tyrol. Little study had been given glaciers until the nineteenth century because the places where they occured were avoided by travellers in prior centuries. This work also contains a classification of glaciers, and a description of various warning signs of potential avalanches.

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