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VILLE, Ludovic Gabriel A.R.J.

(1829 – 1877)

(Born: 1829; Died: 1877) French mining engineer.

1. French, 1852.
Sur | Les Roches, Les Eaux Et Les Gites Mineraux | Des Provinces D'Oran Et D'Alger. | Par Mr. Ville | Ingénieur au Corps des Mines. | [ornament] | Paris, | Imprimerie Nationale. | [rule] | 1852.

4°: iv, 423, [1] p., 4 plates. Page size: 220 x 275 mm.

Very scarce. Having filled, for approximately four years, the function of an ordinary engineer of mines in the provinces of Oran and Algiers, Ville had the chance to make many excursions, either to make mineralogical observations, or to visit the mineral deposits which had been documented by various explorers. He wrote on this subject to his supervisors in a series of reports, in which he had to treat very diverse questions. He undertake to coordinate all of the scattered documents of the previous reports, in order to make them useful for the study of the natural history of Algeria. As much as possible, Ville also sought to support his paper with positive facts. To this end, he did a very large number of chemical analyses, which were undertaken in the chemical laboratory in Algiers, by by Mr. de Marigny, chemist attached to the mines directorate of Algeria.

The text gives descriptions and analyses of a wide variety of minerals and rocks found in Algeria. This includes economic materials such as gypsum, salt, salpetre, mineral waters, coal, petroleum, and ores of iron, lead, manganese, copper, and mercury.

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2. French, 1857.
Notice Minéralogique sur les provinces d'Oran et d'Alger. Paris, 1857.

4°: vii, 349 p., illus. Very scarce.

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