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(1662 – 1742)

(Born: Iceland, 1662; Died: 1742) Icelandic physician & naturalist.

From 1688 to 1690, Vídalín was rector of the school at Skalholt in Iceland. He then opened a medical practice.

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1. Latin, 1695.
Schediasma de Montibus Chrystallinis Islandiae. Hafniae, 1695.


Very rare. Lambatungnajokull glacier's termination flows down into the Skyndidalur valley from the eastern edge of the Vatnajökull icecap. It probably was the first such natural phenomenum to be researched scientifically by an Icelander, Thordur Vidalin. His disseratation on the subject appeared as Schediasma de Montibus Chrystallinis Islandiae (Hafniae, 1695) and was translated into German in 1754. Eventually, it reappeared in Icelandic translation in 1965.

German transl., 1754: "Von den isländische Eisbergen," Hamburgische Magazin, 13 (1754), ??-??.

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