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TERZAGO, Paolo Maria.

(1625? – 1695)

(Born:      ; Died: 1695) Italian physician.

Physicus in Milan, Italy.

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Mvsævm Septalianvm, 1664

1. Latin, 1664 [Collection catalog].
Mvsævm | Septalianvm | Manfredi Septalæ | Patritii Mediolanensis | Indvstrioso Labore | Constrvctvm; | Pavli Mariæ Terzagi | Mediolanensis Physici Collegiati | Geniali Laconismo | Descriptvm; | Politioris Literatvræ Professoribvs | Ervdita Hvmanitate | Adapertvm: | Cum Logocentronibus, siuè Centonibus eiusdem | Terzagi de natura Crystalli, Coralij, Testaceorum | Montanorum, & Lapidificatorum, Achatis, | Succini, Ambari, & Magnetis. | [ornament] | [rule] | Dertonæ, Typis Filiorum qd. Elisei Violæ. 1664. | Superiorum permissu.

4°: [Maltese Cross]4 A-V8 X4 (X4 blank); 168l.; [8], 324, [4] p., index, coat of arms. Engraved frontispiece showing the museum's interior.

Rare. Paulo Maria Terzago wrote this description of the museum formed by Lodovico Settala, a physician of Milan, and his son, Manfredo, a Canon of the Cathedral. It describes their collections of both artifical and natural curiosities, including plants, seeds, fruits, stuffed animals, minerals, fossils, shells, medals, intaglios, cameos, chemical preparations, various scientific insturments, and articles made of glass and metal. Based upon the beautiful engraved frontispiece depicting the the interior of the museum, the gallery consisted of 3 rooms stuffed with all manner of curiosities. Display cases set upon tables lined the walls with space taken up underneath by a variety of vases and urns. The walls above the cases held various pictures while the tops of the displays were packed with various insturments and clocks. Hanging from the ceiling are the required taxidermy, including a crocidile, various fish, and birds. A large elephant tusk greets visitors near the entrance to the middle gallery. It was Manfredo Settala's wish that upon his death, the museum would be deposited in the Ambrosian Library of Milan, but the arrangement fell through and the collection was dispersed (Murray).

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2. Italian, 1666 [Italian transl.].
Museo | ò | Galeria | Adunata dal sapere, e dallo studio | Del Sig. Canonico | Manfredo Settala | Nobile Milanese. | Descritta in Latino del Sig. Dott. Fis. Coll. | Paolo Maria Terzago | Et hora in Italiano dal Sig. | Pietro Francesco Scarabelli | Dot. Fis. Di Voghera | E dal modemo accresciuta | [ornament] | In Tortona, | [rule] | Per li Figliuoli del qd. Eliseo Viola. MDCLXVI. | Con licenza de'Superiori.

4°: 408 p., 3 plates (one double), frontispiece (portrait). Page size: 200 x 150 mm.

Rare. Translation by Pietro Francesco Scarabelli of Musæum Septalianum (Dertonæ, 1664). The text is divided into 67 chapters. Descriptions are of wide range of objects typically contained in a `Wunderkammer' of the 17th century. Details are provided of various kinds of mirrors, lenses, optical glasses, binoculars, mathematical insturments, different clocks, perpetural motion machines, sun dials, lunar clocks, various kinds of corals, crystal, amber, shells, snails, nautili, petrified things, various types of minerals, precious and semi-precious gems, magnets, thunderstones, cameos and onyxes, finger rings, agates, urnes, lamps, various porcelains, foreign fruits, Bezoar stones, unicorn and rhinocerous horns, teeth of various animals, odd fish, mummies, types of birds, exotic feathers, weapons of various countries, vases made of different materials, jars, boxes, lathe-work, various statues, types of oils and salts, asbestos, books and maps, foreign drugs, portraits of saints, doctors and scholars, medals, recent coins, etc. An index to the objects closes the work.

Variant issue: Another issue is known identical to this title except that the year printed on the title page is 1667.

Paolo Francesco Scarabelli. (Born:      ; Died:      ) Italian physician. Need Biography.

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3. Italian, 1677 [Translation, 2nd edition?].
Museo, ò Galeria | Adunata dal sapere, e dallo studio | Del Sig. Canonico | Manfredo Settala | Nobile Milanese. | Descritta in Latino dal Sig. Dott. Fis. Colleg. | Paolo Maria Terzago. | Et poi in Italiano dal Sig. | Pietro Francesco Scarabelli | Dottor Fisico di Voghera, & dal medemo accresciuta. | Et hora ristampata con. l'Aggiunta di direrse cose poste nel fine | de medemi Capi dell'Opra. | Dedicata | All' Illvstrissimo, E Réverendissimo | Monsignor | Carlo Settala | Vescovo Di Tortona, | Marchese, E Conte, &c. | [ornament] | In Tortona, | [rule] | Per Nicolò, e Fratelli Viola. Con licenza de'Dsuperiri.

4°: Published in 1677. Very rare.

Bibliographical references: BL [1044.c.30.].