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(1806 – )

1. German, 1806.
Systematisch - Tabellarische Darstellung der Fossilien, nach ihren Geschlectern, Namen, Farbe, Land und Ort, wo sie gefunden werden, für Mineralogen und Liebhaber der Mineralogie. Chemnitz und Leipzig, Bey Schröter, 1806.


Rare. Although the title indicates otherwise, this presentation is neither systematic, nor tabular. The unknown author must have choosen to remain such because the text, interlaced with suprising mistakes, was prepared like an index to a possible mineralogical textbook - not as systematic tables. Its content, full of errors and negligence, is arranged with columns representing the classes and families but with subsequent rows in alphabetical sequence. This work concludes with a truly comic section covering the geognostic. The whole is printed upon only one side of each page, presumablly so that it could be readily cut apart, and the resulting strips of paper attached to specimens. [Leonard's Taschenbuch (1807); 1, pp. 325-6]

Bibliographical references: LKG: XII 170.