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(1665? – ?)

English physician.

Author of a few books devoted to mining law.

Biographical references: BBA: I 1049, 368. Watt, Bibliotheca Britannica, 1824. WBI.

1. English, 1699.
English and Welsh mines and minerals discovered in some proposals to the honourable House of Commons; for employing the poor, to gain the hidden treasures of this kingdom, (which are here proved to be above 30 different species of metals and minerals,) so as to encrease the royal revenue a million a year, the wealth of the nation many millions; and give opportunity to establish as strong forces at land without charge as the nation may require; strengthen the fleet, and occasionally suppress vice some remarks for importing a certain number of Irish lean cattel and corn; and taking off some grievous oppressions, by a court of conscienceand this mineral manufacture humbly submitted by M.S. London, Printed for D. Brown, 1699.

4°: 28 p.

Very scarce. Signed and dated: M. Stringer, Jan. 4, 1698/9.

Bibliographical references: BL [726.e.1.(1.)]. Kress Catalogue: no. 3576. LKG: XIV 409. Wing: S-5975.

2. English, 1713.
Opera Mineralia Explicata: | Or The | Mineral Kingdom, | Within the Dominions of | Great Britain, | Display'd. | Being a Compleat History of the Antient | Corporations of the City of London, of | and for the Mines, the Mineral, and the Battery Works. | With all the Original Grants, Leases, In= | struments, Writs of Privilege and Pro= | tection, by Sea and Land, from Arrest (except | in the Mineral Courts); or being | Prest, or Serving Juries and Parish-Offices: | as also the Records of the said Mineral | Courts, from the Conquest, down to this | present Year, 1713. | Likewise Proposals for New Settlements and Plentiful Provision for All the Indusruious Poor, be | their Number ever so Great. | [rule] | By M.S. M.D. | [rule] | London: | Printed for Jonas Brown, at the Black-Swan with | out Temple-Bar.

8°: π4 B-X8 *8; 169l.; [8], i-xii, 7-308, [16] p., coat of arms (p. 26). Page size: 172 x 106 mm.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [3 pgs], Dedication.-signed M.S. (i.e., Moses Stringer).; [3 pgs], "The | Contents."; i-xii, "Introduction."; 7-307, Text.; 308, "Books lately printed for James Brown, ..."; [16 pgs], "Books Printed, for and Sold by | Willam Taylor ..."

Very scarce. Of only incidental mineralogical interest, this is perhaps the earliest English work devoted to legal matters as they pertain to mineral resources with in the area of Great Britain and Ireland. It provides an historical development from ancient times to the early eighteenth century, and recounts important court rulings as to ownership of mineral claims and recitation of various suits brought before the civil courts.

Bibliographical references: Hoover Collection: no. 768. Kress Catalogue: no. 4990.