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(1823 – 1911)

(Born: Wroughton, England, 3 September 1823; Died: Wroughton, England, 20 May 1911) English mineralogist & crystallographer.

Story-Maskelyne graduated from Oxford in 1845, receiving his M.A. in 1849. In 1851, he became a teacher in mineralogy and chemistry at the University of Oxford. Then he was appointed professor of mineralogy in 1856. Story-Maskelyne became keeper of minerals at the British Museum in 1857, a post he kept until 1880. During his tenure, the collections were rearranged and considerably upgraded, with a catalogue published. From 1880-92, he was a member of parliament. In 1870, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. In 1893, he was the recipient of the Society's Wollaston Medal. His primary research was on meteorites and diamonds.

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1. English, 1866 [Collection Catalog].
Index to the collection of minerals, with references to the table cases in which the species to which they belong are exhibited in the British Museum. London, Printed by Woodfall and Kinder, 1866.

8°: [2], 16 p. Signed: Nevil Story-Maskelyne.

Rare. Mineralogy-Catalogs and collections.

2. English, 1895.
Crystallography | A Treatise On The | Morphology Of Crystals | By | N. Story-Maskelyne, M.A., F.R.S. | Professor Of Mineralogy, Oxford | Honorary Fellow Of Wadham College | Oxford | At The Clarendon Press | 1895.

8°: [i]-xii, [1]-521, [1], [1]-8 p., 398 text illus. (mostly crystal drawings), 8 plates. Page size: 192 x 128 mm.

Contents: [i-ii], Half title page, "Crystallography | Story-Maskelyne," verso printer's information.; [iii-iv], Title page, verso "Oxford | Printed At The Claredone Press | ..."; [v]-viii, "Preface."; [ix]-xii, "Contents."; [1]-501, Text.; [502]-512, "Description of the Plates."; [8 plates].; [513]-521, "Index."; [1 pg], "Oxford | Printed At The Claredone Press | ..."; [1]-8, Publisher's list.

Very scarce. Crystallography is a complete and full treatment of its subject. Story-Maskelyne had labored on the manuscript for many years and contemporary reviews received the work well. "The volume is limited to the Morphology of Crystals, discussing in detail the relations between the planes of a system, the properties of zones, the kinds of symmetry, the six crystalline systems and the whole is developed with admirable clearness and system, and will be studied carefully by all interested in this branch of science." [AJS Review].

Contents: I. On the General Properties of Crystals (p. 1-14). II. Moded of Expressing and Representing the Relations between the Planes of a System (p. 15-43). III. On Zones and their Properties (p. 44-79). IV. Theorems relating to the Axes and Parameters of a Crystalloid System (p. 80-96). V. On the Varieties of Symmetry possible in a Crystalloid System of Planes (p. 97-155). VI. Crystal as Crystalloid Polyhedra (p. 156-187). VII. The Systems (p. 188-387). VIII. The Measurement and Calculation of the Angles of Crystals (p. 388-473). IX. The Representation of Crytals (p. 474-501).

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