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(1780? – ?)

Notes on the Mineralogy, 1812

1. English, 1812.
Notes | On The | Mineralogy | Of Part Of The Vicinity Of | Dublin. | Taken Principally From Papers Of The Late | Rev. Walter Stephens, A.M. | [tapered rule] | London: | Printed By William Phillips, George Yard, | Lombard Street. | [tapered rule] | 1812.

8°: π8 B-C8 D5; [1]-57, [1] p., 2 plates (folding), one map (folding; colored). Page size: 226 x 140 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3], Preface, signed William Fitton, September 1811.; [4], Blank.; [5]-57, Text.; [1 pg], Blank.

Plates: The plates and map consist of: Page 16, plate (folding), showing granite veins at the shore at Killiney. Page 21, plate (folding panorama), "Sketch of the Hills to the South of Dublin Bay-from the Light House." At end, map (folding, hand colored), "Sketch of Part of the Mountaious Country near Dublin."

Very scarce. William Fitton [see note below] arranged to have this volume published as a lasting tribute to the author. It contains observations that were to form the basis of a major topographical mineralogy, but due to Stephan's untimely death, the larger work providing a mineralogical survey of the mountainous district around Dublin never appeared. Fitton records in the preface that "The substance of the greater part of the following observations has already appeared, in the first volume of the Transactions of the Geological Society."

William Fitton. (Born: 1780; Died: 1861) Irish geologist.

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