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SHORT, Thomas.

(1690? – 1772)

(Born: 1690?; Died: 28 November 1772)

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1. English, 1734.
The Natural Experimental, and Medicinal History of the Mineral Waters of Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, and Yorkshire, particularly those of Scarborough. Wherein, they are carefully examined and compared, their contents discovered and divided, their uses shewn and explained, and an account given of their discovery and alterations. Together with the natural history of the Earths, Minerals, and Fossils through which the Chief of them Pass ... London: For the Author, 1734.

4°: [20], xxii, 317, [1], 315-359, [3] p., 4 engraved plates (3 folding).

Very scarce. A vast compilation on every topic that might be related to the enviorment around Derybshire, England. Although the work primarily concerns the waters of the area and what minerals they contain, the work is typical of the period as it contains meterological, population, and agricultural records. The plates show crystals of the salts of 34 of the waters.The author's impressive scientific examination of over 30 water sources in England. Short (1690-1772), eminent Sheffield physician and master of Gronville and Caius Colleges at Cambridge, was the first to attempt to systematize mineral water analysis. He discusses the topical and internal application of the waters for such afflictions as rheumatism and gout, fevers, and diabetes. A discourse on bathing records the temperatures of warm and cold water baths from Carlisle to Oxford. The fine engravings illustrate mineral crystals from numerous water sources.

Companion work, 1740: An essay towards a natural, experimental, and medicinal history of the principle mineral waters of Cumberland, Northumberland, Westmoreland, ... To which is added, a short discourse on cold and tepid bathing, and a table of the temperature ... Being the second volume of The mineral waters of England. By Thomas Short, ... Sheffield : printed for the author, by John Garnet, anno Dom:, 1740. [12], 330, [2] p.

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