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(1852? – ?)

Compendio, 1892

1. Spanish, 1892.
Compendio | De | Mineralogía General | Por | J. Seidel. | [ornament] | Habana | [rule] | Imprenta, Librería Y Encuadernación «Lons Niños Huérfanos» | Calle de Cuba núm. 129 | 1892.

8°: [I]-XIV, [1]-336, [2] p., 4 folding plates (crystal diagrams), folding table (p. 126). Page size: 220 x 140 mm.

Contents: [I-II], Title page, verso blank.; [III], Dedication to D. Juan Vilaró y Diaz.; [IV], Blank.; [V]-VII, "Advertencia."; [VIII], Blank.; [IX], "Bibliografía."; [X], Blank.; [XI]-XIV, "Plan De La Obra."; [1]-331, Text.; [332], Blank.; [333]-336, "Índice."; [1 pg], Errata.; [1 pg], Blank.; [At end], 4 folding plates.

Scarce. This mineralogy, published in Havana, Cuba, is divided into 6 books. This first (p. 1-40) provides an introduction to the study of minerals. The second (p. 41-90) covers mineralogy, crystallography, geometry and physics. The third (p. 91-154) describes determinative mineralogy through the analysis of minerals. The fourth (p. 155-252) is a systematic mineralogy, which contains some historical information about the development of mineral systematics. The fifth (p. 253-308) is an applied mineralogy, specifically for looking for ore deposits. The sixth (p. 309-331) concerns the creation of synthetic minerals in the laboratory. The work concludes with an index.

Bibliographical references: Alvarez Conde, J., Historia de la geologia, mineralogia y paleontologia en Cuba. Prologo por Salvador Massip y Valdes. Habana, 1957. xvi, 248 p., illus., ports., maps (part fold.). [Series: Historia de las ciencias naturales de Cuba. vol. 2.]: p. 39. NUC.