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SCHWARTZ, Gustaf Magnus.

(1783 – 1858)

(Born: Helsingfors, Finland, 21 August 1783; Died: Stockholm, Sweden, 25 March 1858) Swedish mining engineer & physicist.

Schwartz attended the University at Åbo, before transferring to the Bergkollegium in Stockholm from which he graduated in 1805. He became a professor of physics and technology at the Swedish Academy of Sciences and Director General of the Stockholm Institute of Technology (that he helped found). He invented a number of items including an oven for burning charcoal from firewood.

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Handbok i Oryktognosien, 1803

1. Swedish, 1803 [Part I].
Handbok | I | Oryktognosien; | af | G.M. Schwartz. | [vignette] | [rule] | Stockholm, | Tryckt hos Carl Delen, 1803.

8°: [6], [1]-72 p., 7 plates, title page vignette of a contact goniometer. Page size: 185 x 110 mm.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [1 pg], Dedication.; [1 pg], Blank.; [2 pgs], "Företal."; [1]-72, Text.; [At end], 7 plates.

Plates: Besides the title page vingette of a contact goniometer, there are 7 other engraved plates. These consist of: (1, 2 figs.) wire silver, (2, 2 figs.) native copper and malachite, (3, 10 figs.) crystal diagrams, (4, 9 figs.) crystal diagrams, (5, 10 figs.) crystal diagrams, (6, 9 figs.) crystal diagrams of twins, and (7, 3 figs) blowpipe and apparatus.

Rare. No more published. The first portion of what would have been a thorough treatment of oryctognosy, or studies on the physical properties of minerals. This single part appears to be the first such publication of its topic published in the Swedish language. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons the work was apparently never carried through to completion.

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