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(1545? – ?)

1. German, 1578 [First edition].
Probierbüchlin. Frembde und subtile Künst, vormals im Truck nie gesehen, von Woge und Gewicht, auch von allerhandt Proben, auff Ertz, Golt, Silber, unnd andere Metall, ... Frankfort, Heirs of C. Egenolff [for A. Lonicerus, J. Cnipius & P. Steinmeyer], 1578.

8°: [8], 86, [2 leaves (last blank)]; 95l. Title page in red & black, woodcuts (one on title page). Very rare.

Bibliographical references: Wellcome Catalog (Books): 1, no. 5860.

Probierbüchlein, 1580

2. German, 1580 [2nd edition].
[In black:] Probierbüchlein. | [in red:] Frembde vnd | subtile Künst/ vormals im | [in black:] Truck nie gesehen/ von Woge vnd | Gewicht/ Auch von allerhandt Proben/ | auff Ertz/ Golt/ Silber/ vnd andere Methall/ {[old R]}c. | Nützlich und gut allen denen so mit subtilen | Künsten der Bergwerck umb= | gehen. Durch | [in red:] Cirideum Schreittmann. | [In black, a woodcut of a balance incorporating two lines of text about the fulcrum: Cum Gra      tia & Pri- | uilegio Im      periali.] | [in red:] Franckf. Bey Chri. Egen. Erben. 1580.

8°: A-L8 M7; 95l.; [8]l, 86 numb.l., [1]l.; 95l. Title in red and black with woodcut of a balance and 17 other woodcuts in the text. Ornamental initials and head- and tailpieces. Colophon: Getruckt zu Franckfort am Mayn, bey Christian Egenolffs Erben, In verlegung Adami Loniceri, Iohannis Cnipij, Doctor vnd Pauli Steinmeyers, Im jar nach der Geburt Christi vnsers Erlösers. m.d.lxxx.

Very rare. Reissue of the 1578 text with a new title page by the same publisher. This rare work describes the dry method of assaying lead, copper, gold and silver ores. The first portion of the book is taken up with a careful description of the building and use of balance and weights, while the later portion treats furnaces, muffles, bellows, and materials, as well as a description of the the actual assay operation.

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