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(1850 – 1931)

(Born: 25 July 1850; Died: 17 March 1931) German naturalist.

Schleyer was an instructor in agricultural science at the Winter School in Fürth, Bavaria. Besides minerals, he wrote books for the general reader on botany, birds and insects. In 1880, he developed an artificial language that he named "Volapük".

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Mineralogie, 1909

1. German, 1909.
Mineralogie | von | Dr. A. Schleyer | Vorstand der kgl. landwirtschaftlichen Winterschule. | [ornate rule] | Mit 73 Abbildungen im Text und 30 farbigen Tafeln. | [ornate rule] | Fürth i. B. | Druck und Verlag von G. Löwensohn.

8°: [1]-71, [1] p., 73 text illus., 30 chromolithographic plates with 170 figures. Page size: 230 x 170 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3]-4, "Einleitung."; 4-35, "Allgemeiner Teil."; 36-71, "Systematic."; [1 pg], Blank.

Rare. A general introduction to mineralogy providing the standard information, which although undated is listed by several on-line German libraries as having been published in 1909. The work is fully illustrated by 170 chromolithographic figures of described species which are illustrated on the 30 plates scattered throughout the text. This appears to be the first appearance of the chromolithographic plates, which later were rearranged with fewer figures per plate but creating 40 plates in Spencer's The World's Minerals (London, 1911) and Artini's I Minerali (Milano, 1914).

Reissue, 1935: Published as part of a series, Das Naturreich in Bildern (Leipzig, M. Winkler, 1935).

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