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SCHEUCHZER, Johann Jakob.

(1672 – 1733)

(Born: Zurich, Switzerland, 2 August 1672; Died: Zurich, Switzerland, 23 June 1733) Swiss geologist & palaeontologist.

His father, Johann Jakob Scheuchzer (1645-88), was a successful physician in Zürich. In 1679 he became Stadtarzt. He died when Scheuchzer was not quite sixteen. During the 17th and 18th centuries the family was one of the leading families in Zürich.

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1. Latin, 1702.
Specimen | Lithographiæ | Helveticæ | Curiosæ, | Quo | Lapides ex Figuratis | Helveticis Selectissimi | Æri incisi mistuntur & describuntur | à | Johanne Jacobo | Scheuchzero, | Med. D. | [vignette] | Tiguri, | [rule] | Typis David Gessneri. | MDCCII.

8°: )(6 A-D8 E2; 40l.; [12], 1-67, [1] p., 7 plates ( by J. Melchior Füesli showing stones, fossils and minerals; in some states the plates are hand-colored).

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [9 pgs], Dedication to Francisco Honorio, signed Joh. Jac. Scheuchzer, May, 1702.; [1 pg], "Lectori Benevolo Salutem."; 1-67, Text.; [1 pg], Blank.; [At end], 7 plates.

Rare. In the year 1702 Scheuchzer published a work with the title Specimen Lithographiæ Helvetiæ Curiosæ, in which he described `figured stones, as sports or jests of Nature. But having afterwards procured a copy of Woodward's Essay, which he translated into Latin, he adopted the opinion that these stones are relics of the Deluge, and upheld this view in his subsequent writings. It is a useful catalog of the names which up to his time had been given to the figured stones, giving references to some of the published descriptions of them.

Bibliographical references: BL [954.a.13.(1.)]. LKG: XIV 462d. NUC: 525, 296-8 [NS 0202663]. Roller & Goodman, Catalogue, 1976: 2, 406.

Physica oder Naturwissenschafft

2. German, 1701 [First edition].
Physica oder Naturwissenschaft, verfasst durch J.J. Scheuchzer. Zurich, 1701.

2 vols. [Vol 1] 8°: [Vol 2] 8°:

Rare. An introduction to natural science by a member of the British & Prussian Royal Societies. The concluding chapter is an essay on man, the microcosm.

Bibliographical references: LKG: XVII 18.

3. German, 1711 [2nd edition].
Physica, oder Natur-wissenschafft. Verfasset durch Joh. Jacob Scheuchzer ... Zweite verbesserte und vermehrte auflage so mit nöthigen kupferen versehen. Zürich, In verlegung Heinrich Bodmers, 1711.

2 vols. [Vol 1] 8°: [28], 275 p. [Vol 2] 8°: [16], 350 p., 19 folding plates. Rare.

Bibliographical references: Hoover Collection: no. 719.

4. German, 1729 [3rd edition].
Physica, oder, Natur-Wissenschafft verfasset durch Joh. Jacob Scheuchzer ... Anietzo bey dieser neuen Auflage, durch und durch vermehret und mit nöthigen Kupffern versehen. Zürich, bey Heidegger and Comp., 1729.

2 vols. [Vol 1] 8°: [16], 302 p. [Vol 2] 8°: 480, [26] index p., 24 engraved plates (folding).

Rare. An introduction to natural science by a member of the British & Prussian Royal Societies; the concluding chapter is an essay on man, the microcosm. Includes index.

5. German, 1743 [4th edition].
Physica, oder Natur-Wissenschaft ... Die 4. Auflage in welcher die Schreib-Art des ... Verfassers ... nach der hochdeutschen Mund-Art verbessert, und das ganze Werke ... mit vielen Kupfern [16 Tafeln] ... versehen worden. Zürich, Heidegger, 1743.

2 vols. Rare.

Bibliographical references: BL [8707.b.4.].

Naturgeschichte des Schweizerlandes

6. German, 1706-8 [First edition].
Beschreibung der Naturgeschichte des Schweizerlandes. Zürich, In Verlegung des Authoris, 1706-8.

3 parts in one volume. [Part 1: 1706] 4°: [4], 50, [2], 51-188 [i.e. 190] p., 12 leaves of plates (1 folded). [Part 2: 1707] 4°: [4], 108 [i.e. 208] p., 4 leaves of plates (2 folded). [Part 3: 1708] 4°: [4], 208 p., 12 leaves of plates (10 folded). Errors in pagination: v. 1, p. 94-95 omitted in numbering; v. 2, p. 100-108 repeated in numbering. Each part has separate title page. Parts 2-3 published: Zürich, In Verlegung des Authoris. Getruckt bey Michael Schaufelb. s.E. Und Christoff Hardmeier, 1707-1708

Very scarce. The first edition in book form of a series that appeared in weekly sections between 11 February 1705 and 28 December 1707 that recounts Scheuchzer's observations on the natural history, geography and meteorology. This edition built the foundation on which the later better organized with commentary Natur-Geschichte des Schweizlandes (1716-18), which was an epoch work in contempary natural history and ethnology of Switzerland. Scheuchzer undertook yearly trips through his homeland making observations, becoming an early pioneer in alpine science. For example, the third volume contains the first printed map of "Glarnerlandes" engraved by J.M. Füssli, which was funded by Scheuchzer. Other plates show scenic views, plants, petrifications, and a few mineral specimens.

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Helveticus, sive Itinera Alpina Tria

O\char07PE\char06I\char08OITH\char06 Helveticus, 1708

7. Latin, 1708 [First edition].
[Contained in a double rule box:] O\char07PE\char06I\char08OITH\char06 Helveticus, | Sive | Itinera Alpina | Tria: In Quibus | Incolæ, Animalia, Plantæ, Montium Al- | titudines Barometricæ, Cœli & Soli Temperies, | Aquæ Medicatæ, Mineralia, Metalla, Lapides Fi- | gurati, aliaque Fossilia; & quicquid insuper in | Natura, Artibus, & Antiquitate, per Alpes Hel- | veticas & Rhæticas, rarum sit, & notatu dignum, | exponitur, & Iconibus illustratur. | [rule] | Authore | Johanne Jacobo Scheuchzero, | Med. Doct. Tigurine, & Societatis Regiæ Londi- | nensis Socio. | [rule] | Imprimatur, | Is. Newton, P.R.S. | [rule] | [rule] | Londini: | Impensis Henrici Clements, ad Infigne Luna Falcatæ in Coeme- | terio D. Pauli, Anno MDCCVIII.

3 parts in one volume. [Part 1] 4°: π2 B-H4 I2; 32l.; [4], 1-57, [1] p., engraved title page, frontspiece (portrait of Scheuchzer by J. Nutting), 10 plates. [Part 2] 4°: π1 B-I4; 37l.; [2], 1-72 p., engraved title page, frontispiece, 21 plates. [Part 3] 4°: π1 B-D4; 12l.; [2], 1-22 p., engraved title page, frontispiece, 10 plates."With 1 frontispiece portrait engr. by Melchior J. Nutting after Melchior Füssli, 3 engr. titles (1folding), 40 (of 41) num. engr. plates (14 folding). 3 leaves, 57 pp.; printed title, 72 pp.; printed title, 22 pp.

Contents: [Part 1] [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [Plate.]; [1 pg], "O\char07PE\char06I\char08OITH\char06 | Helveticus, | [...3 lines of text...] | Anno MDCCII | ..."; [1 pg], Blank.; [1 pg], Dedication to the Royal Society of London.; [1 pg], Blank.; 1-57, Text.; [1 pg], Blank.; [At end], 10 plates.

[Part 2] [Frontispiece, dedication to the Royal Society of London].; [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; 1-72, Text.; [At end], 21 plates.

[Part 3] [Frontispiece, dedication to the Royal Society of London].; [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; 1-22, Text.; [At end], 10 plates.

Very scarce. These volumes were published at the expense of the Royal Society of London and have an interesting connection to Sir Issac Newton [1642-1727] - the frontispiece to each of the three parts was printed at his expense. The fact that the book was published in London, with the assistance of the Royal Society and its president, Isaac Newton, and special help from Hans Sloane, is an interesting example of international scientific solidarity. The explanation for this generous engagement was certainly the uniqueness of the work, which was a pioneering accomplishment and an example for similar publications in other countries. Each account of a tour is concluded by a list of the rare plants encountered there, which are often depicted on the plates. Scheuchzer was the first scientist in Switzerland to possess mathematical and physical insturments. From 1702 onwards he travelled the Alps year by year recording his numerous observations. The cummulative results are published in Helveticus, sive Itinera Alpina Tria, the first scientific research dealing with the natural history, palaeontology, geology, mineralogy, physics, and glaciology (a science first established in this work). He also describes activities of humans in these regions, herding dairy cattle on summer pastures, gathering wild hay, and hunting the chamois. The fine engraved plates show plants, machinery, watercourses, alpine walkways, minerals, etc.

Bibliographical references: Agassiz, Bibliographia Geologiæ, 1848-54: IV 261. BL [446.c.18.]. Hoover Collection: no. 718. LKG: XIV 460b. Roller & Goodman, Catalogue, 1976: 2, 405.

Heleveticus, sive Itinera, 1723

8. Latin, 1723 [2nd edition].
[In black:] O\char07PE\char06I\char08OITH\char06 | Heleveticus, | Sive | [in red:] Itinera | [in black:] Per | [in red:] Helvetiæ | Alpinas Regiones | [in black:] Facta | Annis | MDCCII. MDCCIII. MDCCIV. MDCCV. MDCCVI. | MDCCVII. MDCCIX. MDCCX. MDCCXI. | Plurimis Tabulis æneis illustrata | à | [in red:] Johanne Jacobo Scheuchzero, | [in black:] Figurino, Med. D. Math. Prof. Acad. Leopoldino-Carolinæ & Soce. | Regg. Anglicæ ac Prussicæ Membro. | [in red:] | In Quatuor Tomos Distincta. | [in black:] Tomus Primus, | Novissimè atque auctior Editus, & comprehendens | [in red:] Itinera Annorum MDCCII. MDCCIII. MDCCIV. | [in black:] [vignette] | Lugduni Batavorum, | Typis ac Sumptibus [in red:] Petri Vander Aa. | [in black, rule] | M D CC XXIII.

4 vols. [Vol 1] 4°: *4 **3 A-V4 X5; 91l.; [14], 1-167, [1] p., frontispiece (portrait of Scheuchzer), 50 plates. Title page in red and black, with engraved vignette. [Vol 2] 4°: π Y-Vv4; 93l.; [4], 169-350 p., 19 plates. Title page in red and black, with engraved vignette. [Vol 3] 4°: Yy-Vvv4; 85l.; [351]-520 p., 46 plates. Title page in red and black, with engraved vignette. [Vol 4] 4°: Xxx-Ssss4; 84l.; [521]-635, [53] p., 20 plates. Title page in red and black, with engraved vignette.

Contents: [Vol 1] [Frontispiece].; *1rv, Title page, verso "Perillustri | Societati Regiæ | Anglicæ | ..."; *2r-*3v, "Præfation | Ad Lectorem."; *4r-*4v, "Petrus Vander A. | Lectori Salutem."; *4v-**3r, "Catalogus Liborum."; **3r-**3v, "Avis Au Relieur."; [1/=A1r], Sectional title page, "Joannis Jacobo Scheuchzeri, | [...3 lines of text...] | O\char07PE\char06I\char08OITH\char06 | Heleveticus, | [...3 lines of text...] | Anni MDCCII."; [2/=A1v], Blank.; 3-167 (=A2r-X5r), Text.; [1 pg/=X5v], Blank.

[Vol 2] [2 pgs/=π1], Title page, verso blank.; [1 pg/=Y1r], Sectional title page, "Joannis Jacobo Scheuchzeri, | [...3 lines of text...] | O\char07PE\char06I\char08OITH\char06 | Heleveticus, | [...3 lines of text...] | Anni MDCCV."; [1 pg/=Y1v], Blank.; 169-350 (=Y2r-Vv4v), Text.

[Vol 3] [350-351/=Yy1rv], Title page, verso blank.; 353-520 (=Yy2r-Vvv4v), Text.

[Vol 4] [521-522/=Xxx1rv], Title page, verso blank.; 523-635 (=Xxx2r-Mmmm2r), Text.; [53 pgs/=Mmmm2v-Ssss4r], "Index."; [1 pg/=Ssss4v], Blank.

Very scarce. The most comprehensive and sought-after edition of this splendid work, with excellent the depictions on the plates. The polymath J. J. Scheuchzer undertook, together with a small group of students, nine excursions into the Alpine regions of Switzerland between 1702-11. The three first excursions were published in 1708 by the British Royal Society of which Scheuchzer was a member. Isaac Newton, then president of the Society, himself contributed 20 pounds to the high costs of this publication, due mainly to its lavish illustration. The whole collected excursions were published only in 1723, and it was this edition which became probably Scheuchzer's most consulted work. His main merits as an investigator were in the fields of barometry, palaeontology and botany. He contributed the foundation for an exact knowledge of the country as it presented itself in the 18th century; even Schiller drew inspiration and information from these works for his `Wilhelm Tell.' At the end of vol. IV, Scheuchzer gives a detailed account of his scientific publications. The fine engravings show views of Aarau, Aarberg, Altdorf, Baden, Bern, Bienne, Brugg, Chur, Fribourg, Glarus, Lausanne, Lucerne, Plurs before and after the landslide, Rapperswil, Schwyz, Solothurn, St. Gall, Zurich (2), and many more villages and towns, as well as castles and manors. `Iter 5' contains 11 plates depicting dragons and other mythological animals.

Bibliographical references: BL [792.k.11.]. LKG: XIV 461c. Nissen (ZBI): no. 3657. Roller & Goodman, Catalogue, 1976: 2, 405.

Herbarium Diluvianum

9. Latin, 1709 [First edition].
Herbarium diluvianum collectum a Johanne Jacobo Scheuchzero. Tiguri, Literis Davidis Gessneri, 1709.

2°: 44 p., 10 leaves of plates title page is engraved., with plates. Pages 33-34 omitted in numbering.

Very rare. Palaeobotany, the study of fossils of plants, is represented by the Herbarium Diluvianum of Scheuchzer. Although preceded by the Welshman, Edward Llwyd, who published several pictures of fossil plants from the collections in the Ashmolean collection in 1699, the first edition of Scheuchzer's work is generally regarded as the first really comprehensive and well illustrated treatise on the subject. As the title suggests, Scheuchzer another in the long line of pious botanists and physicians who had a strong belief in their religion-leading to his surmise that the specimens discussed had been preserved from Noah's flood. The work was of sufficient importance to establish Scheuchzer as the father of Swiss, and in the views of some, of European palaeobotany.

Bibliographical references: BL [B.262.(1.)]. LKG: XVII 157. Pritzel, Thesaurus Literaturæ Botanicæ, 1871-3: no. 8173.

Herbarium Diluvianum, 1723

10. Latin, 1723 [2nd edition].
[In red:] Johannis Jacobi Scheuchzeri, | [ black, 3 lines of titles and memberships...] | [in red:] Herbarium | Diluvianum. | [in black:] Editio Novissima, duplo Auctior. | [vignette] | Lugduni Batavorum, | Sumptibus [in red:] Petri Vander Aa, [in black:] Bibliopolæ, | Civitatis atque Academiæ Typographi. | [rule] | M D CC XXIII.

2°: *2 A-P4 Q2 (Q2 missigned P2); 64l.; [4], [1]-119, [5] p., frontispiece (engrraved portrait of Scheuchzer), one engraved title-page with vignette, one engraved subtitle with vignette printed in red and black, and 14 engraved plates (numbered Tab. I to Tab. XIV showing fossil leaves, dendrites, quartz crystals and Lustæ Naturæ).

Contents: [Frontispiece].; [Engraved title page, verso blank].; [*1/=2 pgs], Printed title page, verso blank.; [*2r/=1pg], Dedication to Francisco Xaverio.; [*2v/=1 pg], Blank.; [1]-[4] (=A1r-A2v), "Præfatio | Ad | Lectorem, | Priori Editioni | Præmissa." [the preface to the second edition starts on A2r].; 5-59 (=A3r-H2r), Text.; 59-[62] (=H2r-H3v), "Index." [begins on H2r, p. 59].; 63-119 (=H4r-P4r), "Appendix."; [P4v-Q2r/=4 pgs], "Index | In | Appendicem."; [Q2v/=1 pg], "Catalogus Librorum."; [At end], 14 plates.

Rare. Second much enlarged edition. The first edition was published in 1709. Johann Scheucher is "considered the founder of paleobotany and his 'Herbarium diluvianum' remained a standard work through the nineteenth century" (DSB).

Bibliographical references: BL [435.i.12.]. Nissen (BBI): no. 1752. Roller & Goodman, Catalogue, 1976: 2, 405. Ward & Carozzi, Geology Emerging, 1984: no. 1971.

Bibliotheca, 1716

11. Latin, 1716 [First edition].
[Contained within a double rule box:] Bibliotheca | Scriptorum Historiæ Naturali | omnium Terræ Regionum | inservientum. | Historiæ Natu- | ralis Helvetiæ | Prodromus. | [rule] | Accessit | Celeberrimi Viri | Jacobi Le Long, | Bibliothecarii Oratoriani | De | Scriptoribus | Historiæ Naturalis Galliæ. | [rule] | Collegit | Joh. Jacobus Scheuchzer, | [...3 lines of titles and memberships...] | [rule] | Tiguri, | Typis Henrici Bodmeri. | MDCCXVI.

8°: )(7 A-P8 χ1 (=)(8?); 128l.; [14], 241, [1] p.

Very scarce. The earliest bibliography general bibliography of the subject listing among other topics geology and mineralogy. It was compiled as a preparation for the author's comprehensive work on the natural history of Switzerland, the first volume of which also appeared in 1716. It is arranged according to countries, including a section on America. The last section of the text contains a list of French writers on natural history, compiled by the famous bibliographer J. le Long [1665-1721].

Bibliographical references: BL [957.b.16.]. Cobres, Deliciæ Cobresianæ, 1782: 1, 4. NUC: 525, 296-8 [NS 0202613].

12. Latin, 1751 [2nd edition].
Bibliotheca | Scriptorum Historiæ naturalis | omnium Terræ Regionum | inservientum. | Historiæ Natu- | ralis Helvetiæ | Prodromus. | [rule] | Accessit | Celeberrimi Viri | Jacobi Le Long, | Bibliothecarii Oratoriani | de | Scriptoribus | Historiæ naturalis Galliæ. | [rule] | Collegit | Joh. Jacobus Scheuchzer, | [...3 lines of titles and memberships...] | [double rule] | Tiguri, | Typis Heideggeri & Soc. | MDCCLI.

8°: [14], 241 p.

Scarce. Reprint of the 1716 with the same pagination, but new title page.

Bibliographical references: NUC: 525, 296-8 [NS 0202614]. Poggendorff: 2, cols. 792-94. Roller & Goodman, Catalogue, 1976: 2, 405.

Musem Diluvianum, 1716

13. Latin, 1716 [Collection catalog].
Musem | Diluvianum | Quod possidet | Joh. Jacobus Scheuchzer, | [...3 lines of titles and memberships...] | Tiguri, | Typis Henrici Bodmeri. | M D CC XVI. | Sumtibus Possessoris.

8°: π6 A-G8; 62l.; [12], 1-107, [5] p., frontispiece (showing a standing Scheuchzer in search of specimens in the mountains with Noah's Ark in the background).

Contents: Frontispiece.; [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; Dedication to Hans Sloane.; [1 pg], Blank.; [1 pg], Several quotations from the Bible (Book of Genesis) in Latin and Greek.; [4 pgs], "Lectori Salutem."; [2 pgs], "Conspectus brevis totius Orycto- | phylacii Diluviani."; [1 pg], Blank.; 1-107, Text.; [4 pgs], "Syllabus Scriptorum à Scheuchzeris | Fratribus hactenus elaboratorum" [=list of publications by Scheuchzer].; [1 pg], Blank.

Very rare. The text provides a catalog of geological specimens contained in Scheuchzer's cabinet. The specimens cataloged all support Scheuchzer's belief in the biblical deluge and are paleontological in nature. Plantæ Diluvinæ (fossil plants) are by far the most prevalent descriptions occuping pages 2-99, while animals (pp. 100-102), fish (pp. 102-105) and birds, insects and humans (pp. 106-107) complete the catalog.

Bibliographical references: BL [444.a.17.]. LKG: XVII 19a. Roller & Goodman, Catalogue, 1976: 2, 405.

14. Latin, 1731.
Nova ex summis Alpibus. Tiguri, 1731.

2°: Rare.

Bibliographical references: BL [445.g.24.(2.)].

Helvetiæ Stoicheiographia, 1716

15. German, 1716 [Part 1].
[In red:] Helvetiæ | [in black:] Stoicheiographia. | [in red:] Orographia. | [in black:] Et | [in red:] Oreographia. | Oder | Beschreibung | Der | [in red:] Elementen / Grenzen und Bergen | [in black:] des Schweitzerlands | [in red:] Der Natur=Histori des Schweitzerlands | [in black:] Erster Theil. | [ornament] | [in red:] Zürich / | [in black:] In der Bodmerischen Truckeren / A. 1716.

[Title of part 2 reads:]

[In red:] Hydrographia | [in black:] Helvetica | Beschreibung | Der | [in red:] Seen/ Flüssen/ Brunnen | [in black:] Warmen und Kalten Bäderen/ und | anderen Mineral-Wasseren | Des | [in red:] Schweizlands. | [rule] | Der Natur=Histori des Schweizlands | Zweyter Theil. | Von | Joh. Jacob Scheuchzer/ Med. Doct. | Math. Prof. | [rule] | Zürich/ | In der Bodmerischen Truckerey/ 1717.

[Title of part 3 reads:]

[In red:] Meteorlogia | [in black:] Et | [in red:] Oryctographia | [in black:] Helvetica | Oder | Beschreibung | [in red:] Der Lufft Beschichten/ Steinen/ | [in black:] Metallen/ und anderen Mineralien | des Schweitzlands/ absonderlich auch | der Uberbleibfelen der Sündfluth. | Von | Joh. Jacob Scheuchzer/ Med. D. Math. P. | [...2 lines of titles and memberships...] | [rule] | Ist der Dritte oder eigentlich der Sechste | Theil der Natur=Geschichten des | Schweitzerlands. | [rule] | [in red:] Zürich | [in black:] In der Bodmerischen Truckerey/ 1718.

3 vols. [Vol 1: 1716] 4°: π2 A-Kk4 χ2; ??l.; [4], [1]-268, [8] p., frontispiece, 6 plates, including one with an overflap showing Plurs before and after the great rock fall. Woodcut ornaments. Title printed in red and black. [Vol 2: 1717] 4°: )(4 )()(4 A-Mmm4 Nnn4; ??l.; [16], 1-480, [8] p., 10 plates. Title printed in red and black. [Vol 3: 1718] 4°: )(4 )()(4 A-Ss4; ??l.; [16], 1-336 p., 19 plates. Title printed in red and black.8°: 8vo, mit 1 Vorblatt, 1 Titel in rot und schwarz, 1 Inhaltsverzeichnis mit 4 Tafeln, 134 Blatt Text und 2 Register; 7 Blatt Register, 3 Tafeln, Seite 397 teilweise ausgerissenes Blatt, dieses ergänzt, 238 Seiten, 3 Blatt Register, 1 Blatt Bericht an den Buchbinder, 1 Erkl. Blatt zum Bergsturz von Plurs, 480 Seiten Title in red and black.

Contents: [Vol 1] [2 pgs], Half title page, "Helveticæ | Historia Naturalis | Oder | Natur=Historie | Der | Schweizlands | Aufgesetzt von | Joh. Jacob Scheuchzer Med. D. | [...4 lines of titles and memberships...], verso blank.; [Frontispiece].; [2 pg], Title page, verso "Anwesung an den Buchbinder."; [1]-268, Text.; [4 pgs], "Register."; [2 pgs], "Des untergangenen Fleten Plurs..."; [1 pg], "Kurzer Begriff | Der Materialien/ so in diesem Ersten | Theil enthalten."; [1 pg], "Kurzer Vorstellung | Aller Materalien/ so in dem ganzen| Werk verhandlet werden."

[Vol 2] [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [13 pgs], "Kurzer Vorstellung der in diesen Theil | verhandelten Materien."; [1 pg], Blank.; 1-480, Text.; [6 pgs], "Register."; [1 pg], Errata.; [1 pg], Blank.

[Vol 3] [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [4 pgs], "Vorred."; [10 pgs], "Kurzer Entwurff." [=table of contents].; 1-336, Text.

Rare. First self contained section from Scheuchzer's Natur=Historie des Schweitzerlandes which was extended to three parts up to 1718. This section covers the physical geography of the country, including details on climate, geology and details on the alps (including a printing of Gesner's Descriptio Montis Fracti sive Montis Pilati juxta Lucernam in Helvetia). The portion of mineralogical interest is volume three of this work, titled: "Meteorologia & Oryctographia Helvetica. Oder Beschreibung der lufft-Geschichten, Steinen, Metallen, und anderen Mineralien des Schweitzerlands, absonderlich auch der Uberbleibselen der Sündfluth ... Ist der III. oder eigentlich der 6. Theil der Natur- Geschichten des Schweilands."

Facsmile reprint, 1978/9: Helvetiae stoicheiographia. Orographia. Et Oreographia. Oder Beschreibung Der Elementen, Grenzen und Bergen des Schweitzerlands. Der Natur-Histori des Schweitzerlands. Erster Theil. / Hydrographia Helvetica. Beschreibung der Seen, Flüssen, Bruennen, Warmen und kalten Bäderen, und anderen Mineral-Wasseren des Schweitzerlands. Der Natur-Histori des Schweitzerlands. Zweyter Theil. / Meteorologicia et Oryctographia Helvetica. Oder Beschreibung Der Lufft-Geschichten, Steinen, Metallen, und anderen Mineralien des Schweitzerlands, absonderlich auch der Uberbleibselen der Sündfluth. Ist der dritte oder eigentlich der sechste Theil der Natur-Geschichten des Schweitzerlands. Mit einem Begleittext. Zürich, Orell Füssli, 1978. 8°: 268 p.; 480 p.; 336 p.; 35 p., many illus. [Reprint of the 1716 edition, Zurich, Bodmer, 1716, and containing additional essay of 40 pages by Arthur Dürst.]

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Physica Sacra

16. Latin, 1731-5 [First edition].
Physica sacra Johannis Jacobi Schevchzeri, ... Iconibvs æneis illustrata procurante & sumtus suppeditante Johanne Andrea Pfeffel,... Augustae Vindelicorum & Vlmae, 1731-1735.

4 vols. [Vol 1] 2°: [Vol 2] 2°: [Vol 3] 2°: [Vol 4] 2°:

Rare. Scheuchzer was a Swiss naturalist with a wide breadth of knowledge - for his time. In his day, it was customary to regard the Old Testament as a perfectly accurate description of the history of the earth, and Scheuchzer was certainly a man of his time. In 1725, he examined what he believed was the fossil of a victim of the biblical flood. In 1731, he published a description of the victim in his masterwork: Sacred Physics. Sacred Physics recounted the formation of the earth, the creation of all life and the deluge.

Bibliographical references: BL [Cup.652.a.2.].

Kupfer=Bibel, 1731

17. German, 1731-5 [German transl.].
Kupfer=Bibel/ | In welcher | Die | Physica Sacra, | Oder | Aeheiligte | Natur=Wissenschaft | Derer | In Heil. Schrifft vorkommenden | Natürlichen Sachen/ | Deutlich erklärt und bewährt | Von | Joh. Jacob Schevcher, | [...3 lines of titles and memberships...] | Anbey | Zur Erläuterung und Zierde des Wercks | In | Künstlichen Kupfer=Tafeln | Ausgegeben und verlegt | Durch | Johann Andreas Wfeffel, | Kayserlichen Hof= Kupferstechter in Augspurg. | Erste Abtheilung | Von | Tab. I - CLXXIV. | Samt Vorbericht und Verzeichnis der Auctorum, &c. | [double rule] | Augspurg und Ulm, | Gedruckt bey Christian Ulrich Wagner, 1731.

2°: 4 v. in 3 (4 p.l., a-n, a2-m2, 1426 p.) 750 plates (part fold.), ports. 4 vols. With full-page engravedfrontispiece, 2 full-page mezzotint portraits, 758 further engraved plates (4 double-page, 754 full-page), and a headpiece at the beginning of each volume. The plates coloured by an early hand. Page size: 370 x 240 mm.

Rare. First German edition of Scheuchzer's Physica Sacra, a scientific commentary on the Bible and an "ouvrage indispensable aux naturalistes" (Brunet) with 758 plates on cosmography, paleontology, zoology, botany, anatomy and other subjects related to natural history by the Swiss physician and scholar Johann J. Scheuchzer, the father of paleontology. The significance of the Kupfer-Bible extends beyond history proper, showing the state of oriental and Greek lexicography and of philological methods in the first part of the eighteenth century and providing a select bibliography of recent publications on these subjects.

Facsimile reprint of 20 plates: Kupfer-Bibel oder Physica Sacra. 20 Faksimiles von kolorierten Kupferstichen und Originaltexten. Eingeleitet und erläutert von Helmut Presser. Wiesbaden, Kalle Aktiengesellschaft, 1965. 22 Doppelblätter lose in OMappe. Folio. Mappe etwas bestoßen; 1 Blatt der Einleitung mit kleinem Einriss in der oberen Ecke; Druck auf Bütten. (Faksimile, Teilfaksimile)

Bibliographical references: BL [9.g.1-8.]. DSB: 13, 159. Nissen (ZBI): no. 3659. Ward & Carozzi, Geology Emerging, 1984: no. 1975.

18. Dutch, 1735 [Dutch transl.].
Geestelyke natuurkunde uitgegeven in de Latynsche taale door den hooggeleerden heere Jan Jacb. Scheuchzer ... ; het gansche werk bestaat in vyftien deelen, waar van elk een verzelt is met vyftig zinryke in 't koper gesneden printbladen, door J. And. Pfeffel ... ; in't Nederduits vertaald ; versierd met byschriften in poëzy, door G. Tysens. Tot Amsterdam, By Petrus Schenk, konst- en kaartverkooper ..., 1735-1738.

15 v. (1810 p.) : ill., plans, ports. ; 42 cm. (fol.)

Rare. Translated by ??? from Physica Sacra (1731-1735).

Bibliographical references: Roller & Goodman, Catalogue, 1976: 2, 405.

19. French, 1732-7 [French transl.].
Physique sacrée, ou histoire naturelle de la Bible. Traduit du latin de Mr. Jean-Jacques Scheuchzer ... Enrichie de figures en taille-douce, grave´es par les soins de Jean-André Pfeffel. Amsterdam, 1732-37.

8 vols. 2°:

Rare. French translation by Johann Andreas Pfeffel and Jacques de Varenne.

Bibliographical references: BL [459.d.17.].

Sciagraphia Lithologica Curiosa, 1740

20. Latin, 1740.
[In red:] Sciagraphia Lithologica | [in black:] Curiosa, | Seu: | [in red:] Lapidum | [in black:] Figuratorum | [in red:] Nomenclator. | [in black:] Olim | A Celebri | [in red:] Joh. Jac. Scheuchzero, | [ black, 3 lines of titles and memberships...] | In Gratiam Amici Conscriptus; | Postmodo | Auctus & Illustratus | A | [in red:] Jac. Theod. Klein, | [in black:] Præmissa | Epistola | [in red:] Dn. Maur. Ant. Cappeller | [in black:] M.D. Et Centumviri Lucernens. | De | Studio Lithographico; | de Entrochis & Belemnitis; | Cum Additionibus et Figuris. | [rule] | [in red:] Gedani, MDCCXL. | [in black:] Typis Thomæ Johannis Schreiberi, | Senatus et Athenæi Typographi.

4°: [A]-I4 K3; 39l.; [1]-77, [1] p., one plate (showing 6 figs.). Title in red and black. Page size: 267 x 202 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso "Cic. Lib. V. de finib. | ..."; [3-4], Dedication to Joanni. Henrico Heucher.; 5-13, "Præfaminis | loco | Epistola | Excellentissimi | M.A. Cappellerii | Ad | Desideratissimum | J.J. Scheuchzerum. | Anno 1729."; 14-76, "Nomenclator | Lithologicus."; 77, Errata.; [1 pg], Blank.

Very rare. Published from manuscript notes seven years after the author's death. "Scheuchzer wrote a useful catalogue of the names which up to his time had been given to `figured stones', and gave references to some of the published descriptions of them." (Geikie). Written for the benefit of M.A. Cappeller, this catalogue is contained in the first section and contains a description of fossil animals (Cronoids) that are illustrated on the plate. Jacob Theodor Klein's work is on the nomenclature of minerals, rocks and fossils, and contains an alphabetical list with names of minerals and fossils, with scholarly references. Additions made to the original list by Klein have been marked by asterisks, while the German names have been printed in a gothic typeface.

Bibliographical references: BL [B.353.(5.)]. BMC: p. 1831. Geikie, Founders of Geology, 1905: p. 99-100. Hoover Collection: no. 720. LKG: XVII 20b. NUC: 525, 296-8 [NS 0202661].

21. German, 1746 [First edition].
[In red:] Johann Jacob Scheuchzers, | […in black, 3 lines of titles and memberships...] | [in red:] Natur=Geschichte | [in black:] des | [in red:] Schweitzerlandes, | [in black:] Samt seinen | Reisen über die Schweitzerische Gebürge. | Aufs neue herausgegeben und mit einigen Anmerkungen versehen | Von | Joh. Georg Sulzern. | [rule] | [in red:] Erster Theil. | [in black, vignette] | [double rule] | [in red:] Zürich, bey David Gesner, Gebdr. 1746.

4 parts in one volume. [Part 1] 4°: [16], [1]-486, [2] p. Title in red and black. [Part 2] 4°: [8], [1]-381, [3] p. [Part 3] 4°: [1]-44 p. [Part 4] 4°: [1]-62, [2] p. Three of the title pages have engraved vignettes and 32 double engraved plates by J. Meyer, J. M. Füssli and J. G. Seiller. The “Untersuchung” has a separate titlepage and pagination.

Very scarce. The first part contains the tightened summary of of the 1705-07 unsystematical "description of natural history of the Swiss country" appeared in weekly supplies. There now all this messages very disjointed and informal were, then sel. the Joh has. George Sulzer of the scholarly world certainly a large service gethan, selbige to umzuschmelzen and. give change. The notes of the publisher are very good and useful" (Haller). The second part contains the first German expenditure of the 1708 and 1723 first Latin of reports Scheuchzers appeared over its alpine journeys. "Scheuchzer was beside Conrad Gessner and Albrecht of Haller a most important universal scholar, that Switzerland it own calls. It combined a physician, a natural scientist, a mathematician, a paleontologist, a Geodaeten, a geographer, a historian, a Numismatiker, a theologian and a Philologen "(Fueter) in itself. Scheuchzers natural history was trailblazing in the area of regional studies, alpine research and the physical geography of the Swiss high mountains. With its historical data this expenditure beside Tschudis chronicle formed one of the most important sources for Schillers "Tell". On its journeys Scheuchzer made the first barometric levellings in the mountains, examined the glaciers, collected Petrefakten etc.. Under the copper boards are to emphasize the beautiful map Graubuendens of G. Walser, the interior opinion of a cheese factory, the representation of a total solar eclipse, illustrations of minerals and petrifying as well as opinions among other things from bath Pfaefers, Walterswil, pc. God hard etc.. Johann George Sulzers writings in the appendix offer valuable, likewise additions supported by own observations. - easy gebraeunt or stick-spotted, the Buendnerkarte of Walser in very good condition. Hs. Owner entry "P. Merian, 1813" on resolution.

Bibliographical references: BL [41.b.19.]. LKG: XIV 467i.

22. Gernan, 1752 [2nd edition].
Natur=Historie des Schweizerlandes. Zweyte und verbesserte Auflage. Zürich, bey Heidegger und Comp., 1752.

3 vols. [Vol 1] 8°: [8], 268, [4] p. [Vol 2] 8°: [16], 480, [8] p. [Vol 3] 8°: [16], 336 p. With engraved frontispiece, titles in red and black and 31 engraved views. Rare.

Bibliographical references: Fischer, H., Johann Jakob Scheuchzer: Naturforscher und Arzt. Zurich: Leeman, 1973. 168 p., illus. [Published as: Veröffentlichungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Zurich, no. 175]: p. 97.


23. Latin, 1695 [Dissertation].
Epistola de generatione conchitarum. 1695.

8°: Rare.

Bibliographical references: LKG: XVII 125.

24. Latin, 1700 [Dissertation].
Historiae Helveticae naturalis prolegomena ... subjecta praeside Johann Jacobo Scheuchzero... Tiguri, Typis D. Gessneri, 1700.

4°: [2], 30 p.

Rare. Dissertation - J.R. Lavater, respondent.

Bibliographical references: LKG: XIV 458. NUC: 525, 296-8 [NS 0202633].

25. Latin, 1722 [Dissertation].
Dissertatio de Diluvio. Resp. Johan Gasper Scheuchzer. Præs. J.J. Scheuchzer. Tiguri, 1722.


Rare. Dissertation - Johan Gasper Scheuchzer, respondent.

Bibliographical references: BL [444.c.20.(11.)]. LKG: XIII 49.

26. Latin, 1724 [Dissertation].
Physicæ sacræ specimen de locustis, etc. : Præs. J.J. Scheuchzer. Tiguri, 1724.


Rare. Other Authors: Cellarius, Joannes Jacobus.

Bibliographical references: BL [446.b.16.(6.)].

Homo Diluvii Testis, 1726

27. Latin, 1726 [Dissertation].
\char06YN\char02E\char10. | Homo | Diluvii Testis | Et | \char02 EO\char06KO\char05O\char06 | Publicæ [.........] expositus | à | Joh. Jacobo Scheuch- | zero, | [...3 lines of titles and memberships...] | Pro Examine Philosophico consequendo. | [The next lines in two columns:] (In Classe Prima.) | Henrico Wolphio, | Henr. Kilchspergero, | Jacobo Wasero, | Felice Ammiano, | Johanne Grobio, | Casparo Grobio, | Jacobo Laub. | Huldrico Grobio, Togg. | [Next column reads:] (In Classe Secunda.) | Conrado Fueslino, | Johanne Feerio, | Casparo Tomanno, | Henrico Waebero, | Johanne Sutero, | [Columns concluded.] In Auditorio Æstivo. | Ad diem Junij H.L.Q.S. | [rule] | Tiguri | [rule] | Typis Joh. Henrici Byrgklini. | Anno MDCCXXVI.

4°: 24 p., one folding plate.

Rare. Dissertation - Heinrich Wolph, respondent.That was the claim of Johann Jacob Scheuchzer (left), a highly respected Swiss physician and naturalist. In 1725, Scheuchzer uncovered the partial skeleton of a large vertebrate animal in limestone and dubbed the specimen Homo diluvii testis — "Man, a witness of the Deluge.""To Scheuchzer, the preserved skull and backbone looked decidedly humanlike and totally different from any fossil he had ever seen," Schopf noted. "There could be only one explanation — this must be the remains of a man drowned in the Flood."Steeped in the Christian tradition, Scheuchzer had a view of Earth's history that was so influenced by the story of Noah that he credited the Great Deluge with forming fossil-bearing rocks. Within a few years of the announcement of his fossil find, Scheuchzer's antediluvian man was hailed by scholars "as irrefutable evidence of the Holy Word."It took almost a century before the skeleton was correctly identified — as a huge fossil salamander.Kilchspergerus, Henricus.

Bibliographical references: BL [444.c.22.(2.)]. LKG: XVII 106. NUC: 525, 296-8 [NS 0202634].

28. Latin, 1735 [Dissertation].
Dissertatio de Tesseris Radensibus. Resp. Oerius etc. Tiguri, 1735.

8°: Rare.

Bibliographical references: LKG: XVII 177.