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SAUBER, Wilhelm.

(1835? – 1862)

(Born: Munich, Bavaria, Germany, c1835; Died: Munich, Bavaria, Germany, 19 December 1862) German mineralogist.

Sauber was assistant at the mineralogical museum in Munich.

Biographical references: Poggendorff: 3, 1174.

1. German, 1862.
Ueber die | Entwickelung | der | Krystall-Kunde | von | W. Sauber. | [rule] | München. | Druck der J. Deschler'schen Officin. | 1862.

8°: π8 2-38 45; 29l.; [1]-58 p. Page size: 212 x 130 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3]-58, Text.

Rare. An historical treatment of the developement of crystallography. After a short introduction, the first section provides a chronological list of major publications from Cardanus (1554) to Romé de l'Isle. The text is then divided into seven additional sections that each cover the work of one researcher. These are: (2) Romé de l'Isle in depth, (3) Torbern Bergman, (4) René Just Haüy, (5) Christian Samuel Weiss, (6) Adolph Theodor Kupffer, (7) Freidrich Mohs and (8) Franz Ernst Naumann. A table compares nine different crystallographic systems and a final section covers schematic projection and its developement.

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