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SANTI, Giorgio.

(1746 – 1822)

(Born: Pienza, Tuscany, Italy, 1746; Died: Siena, Italy, 29 December 1822) Italian physician & naturalist.

Santi, a celebrated naturalist, graduated from the University of Siena with a medical degree. He traveled to France, befriending Buffon, Lavoisier and other celebrated scientists of the time. He became professor of chemistry and natural history at the University of Pisa, where he also directed the museum and botanical gardens of that institution.

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1. Italian, 1795-1806 [First edition].
Viaggio | Al | Montamiata | Di | Giorgio Santi | [...2 lines of titles...] | [ornate rule] | Pisa MDCCXCV. | Per Ranieri Prosperi Stamp. Dell'Almo Stud. | Con Approbation.

3 vols. [Vol 1: 1795] 8°: viii, 356, [2] p., 7 plates, one map. Half title reads: Viaggio primo per la Toscana. [Vol 2: 1798] 8°: [4], 451 p., 9 plates, one map. Half title reads: Viaggio secondo per la Toscana. [Vol 3: 1806] 8°: [4], 433 p., 7 plates, one map. Half title reads: Viaggio terzo per la Toscana. Page size: 215 x 148 mm.

Very scarce. Santi in these travels of Monte Amiata gives a full description of the volcanic cone and associated phenomena. He made a complete survey of the different species of minerals, catalogues all the volcanic phenomena and tested also the chemical nature of the thermal waters at San Filippo near his native town Pienza. His interest went also to botany and a thorough list of the vegetables found near Monte Amiata is also given, with interesting agricultural and gastronomical information on chestnut and chestnut trees. Sparse information is given about archeological sites. The same scheme is recognizable in his exploration of the province of Siena, where less volcanic phenomena than at Monte Amiata can be observed, but where the presence of vast quantities of tuff reveals a volcanic formation.

Facsimile reprint, 1975: Viaggio al Montamiata. Roma, Multigrafica, 1975. 3 vols.

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2. German, 1797 [German transl.].
Naturhistorische Reise durch einen Theil von Toskana, mit einem Kupfer. Aus dem Italienischen übersetzt von Gerasimus Constantini von Gregorini. Durchgesehen mit einer Vorrede und einigen Anmerkungen von Kurt Sprengel. Halle, 1797.

8°: vi, 238 p., one plate.

Very scarce. Translation by Gerasimus Constantinus de Gregorini of Viaggio al Montamiata (Pisa, 1795-1806), together with a forward by Kurt Sprengel [1766-1833].

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3. French, 1802 [French transl.].
Voyage | Au Montamiata | Et | Dans Le Sienois, | Contenant des Observations nouvelles | sur la formation des Volcanos, l'Histoire | geologique, minéralogie et botanique | de cette partie de l'Italia. | Par le Docteur George Santi, Professeur | d'Histoire naturelle à l'Université de Pisa. | Traduit par Bodard, Docteur-Mèdicin, de la Socièté | des [unreadable] de Florence. | Avec Figures. | [rule] | Tome Premier. | [rule] | Lyon, | Bruyset ainé et Comp. | [double rule] | An 10. (1802).

2 vols. [Vol 1] [4], xvi, 347 p., one folding map, 3 folding engraved plates. [Vol 2] [4], iv, 494 p., one folding map, 3 folding engraved plates. Page size: 198 x 120 mm.

Very scarce. Translation by Bodard of volumes one and two of Viaggio al Montamiata (Pisa, 1795-98) containing more material than the first Italian of 1795, which basically included only the first volume, and of the German one of 1797, that appeared in Halle.

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