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SANDERS, J. Milton.

(1818? – ?)

System of Instruction, 1858

1. English, 1858 [First edition].
A | System Of Instruction | in | The Practical Use | of | The Blowpipe. | Being A | Graduated Course Of Analysis For The Use Of Students | and all those engaged in the examination of | metallic combinations. | [ornate rule] | New York: | H. Baillière, 290 Broadway, | and 219 Regent Street, London. | Paris: J.B. Baillière Et Fils, Rue Hautefeuille. | Madrid: C. Bailly-Baillière, Calle Del Principe. | 1858.

12°: [1]-1112 124 χ8; 144l.; [i]-viii, [9]-269, [3], [1]-16 p., 14 text illus., tables. Bound in green cloth, with blind stamp covers and printed endpapers advertising other books. Page size: 187 x 125 mm.

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso "Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1858, by | C.E. Baillière, | ..."; [iii]-vi, "Table Of Contents."; [vii]-viii, "Preface."-signed "S.," June 1857.; [9]-46, "The Blowpipe. | [rule] | Part First. | [ornate rule] | The Use Of The Blowpipe."; 47-108, "Part II. | [ornate rule] | Initiatory Analysis."; 109-269, "Part III. | [ornate rule] | Special Reactions; Or, The Behavior Of | Substances Before The Blowpipe."; [3 pgs], Blanks.; [1]-14, "H. Bailliere's | Catalogue Of | Recent Foreign Books | ..."; [15]-16, Subject index to the titles listed in the catalog.

Scarce. Published anonymously, but probably authored by J. Milton Sanders. This textbook intended as an introduction to the more comprehensive works of Berzelius and Plattner is divided into three parts. The first describes the equipment, methods, and use of the blowpipe in qualitative analysis. It is illustrated with good engravings of the various apparatus. The second presents a series of exercises designed for instructing the beginner. Two long tables list the reaction results of various common oxides with borax and microcosmic salt when placed within the blowpipe flame. The third section, the longest of the book, lists the reactions of specific substances including many minerals. The work concludes with a catalog of foreign works available through the publisher.

Bibliographical references: NUC: 580, 395 [NS 112271].

2. English, 1868 [2nd edition].
A System of Instruction in the Practical Use of the Blowpipe. Being a Graduated Course of Analysis for the Use of Students and all those engaged in the examination of metallic combinations. Second edition. With an appendix and a copious index. By G.W. Plympton ... New York, D. Van Nostrand, 1868.

12°: [i]-vi, [2], [9]-288 p., illus., tables.

Scarce. Edited by George Washington Plympton [1827-1907].

Bibliographical references: NUC: 580, 395 [NS 112272].