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ROSSI, Giovanni Battista de.

(1822 – 1894)

(Born: 1822; Died: 1894)

1. Latin, 1857.
Nuovi Principii Mineralogici. Venice, 1857.

4°: 64 p.

Rare. According to the notice in the Neues Jahrbuch für Mineralogie this work presents a new classification of minerals, dividing them into 6 classes and their subordinate groups. The classes are, 1. Exogens, the gases and water; 2. Endogens, the sulphurets, tellurets, arseniurets, etc.; 3. Hypogens, the feldspars and related silicates; 4. Perigens, magnesia and aluminous hydrosilicates; 5. Epigens, carbonates, sulphates, chlorides, fluorides, etc.; 6. Metagens, garnet, pyroxene, mica, tourmaline, spinel, etc.

Bibliographical references: Jahrbuch für Mineralogie: 1858, p. 75.