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ROGERS, Austin Flint.

(1887 – 1957)

(Born: Lathrop, Missouri, U.S.A., 15 August 1887; Died: Berkeley , California, U.S.A., 10 March 1957) American geologist & mineralogist.

While a high school student, a teacher encouraged Rogers to collect minerals and fossils from the quarries around Kansas City, where he lived. Later, he attended for one year the Missouri School of Mines, before transferring to the University of Kansas, from which he graduated in 1901. He went to Columbia University to study mineralogy under Alfred J. Moses, and received his Ph.D. in 1902. He began his teaching career at Stanford University that same year and continued for forty years. He retired in 1942, but continued his interest in mineralogy, giving numerous lectures on the subject until close to his death.

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Introduction, 1912

1. English, 1912 [First edition].
Introduction | To The | Study Of Minerals | A Combined Text-Book | And | Pocket Manual | By | Austin Flint Rogers, Ph.D. | [...2 lines of titles and memberships...] | McGraw-Hill Book Company | 239 West 39th Street, New York | 6 Bouverie Street, London, E.C. | 1912.

8°: [i]-xx, [1]-522 p., illus.

Contents: [i-ii], Half title page, "Introduction To The | Study Of Minerals," verso publisher's information.; [iii-iv], Title page, verso "Copyright, 1912, by the | McGraw-Hill Book Company."; [v], Dedication, "To my parents..."; [vi], Blank.; [vii]-ix, "Preface."-signed Austin F. Rogers, April 1912.; [x], Blank.; [xi]-xv, "Contents."; [xvi], Blank.; [xvii]-xx, "Select Bibliography."; [1]-488, Text.; [489]-511, "Glossary."; [512], Blank.; [513]-522, "Index."

Very scarce. The educational influence of Dr. Rogers extended far beyond his long career at Stanford University. His textbook, Introduction to the study of minerals, written as an introduction to the science, is accurate, concise, informative and was widely used, going through three editions.

The text is divided into eight parts: I. The Form of Minerals (=crystallography; p. 3-102). II. The Physical Properties of Minerals (p. 103-112). III. The Optical Properties of Minerals (p. 113-162). IV. The Chemical Properties of Minerals (p. 163-208). V. The Determination of Minerals (p. 209-252). VI. Description of the Important Minerals (p. 253-446). VII. The Occurance, Association, and Origin of Minerals (p. 447-461). VIII. The Use of Minerals (p. 462-488). A Glossary and Index conclude the work.

2nd edition, 1921: Second, revised edition. New York, 1921. 527 p.

3rd edition, 1937: Third edition. New York, 1937. xviii, 626 p., incl. frontispiece, illus., diagrams.

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