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RANDALL, Jesse Summers.

(1848 – 1939)

(Born: Kentucky, U.S.A., 23 April 1848; Died: Georgetown, Colorado, U.S.A., 24 January 1939) American publisher & printer.

Randall was apprenticed to an Iowa newspaper to learn the printing business. In 1869, he moved to Georgetown and immediately began for several years working for the local newspaper. After he accumulated enough resources Randell founded his own weekly, the Georgetown Courier, which quickly became very influential. He also became interested in the mineral resources of the state, and soon was well-known in Colorado as an amateur mineralogist. A collection of specimens which he built was purchased in 1892 by the Colorado School of Mines (Golden, Colorado) and was exhibited as part of the states display at the World's Columbia Exposition held in Chicago of that same year.

Biographical references: Hafen, L.R., Colorado and its People. New York, 1948: 2, 258-61. Jacobson, M.I., Shannon, J.M. and Mast, V., "The Geology Museum: Colorado School of Mines", Mineralogical Record, 16, (1985), 239-45.

1. English, 1887.
Minerals | of | Colorado. | [ornate rule] | J.S. Randall. | [ornate rule] | Georgetown, Colo. | Georgetown Courier Print. | 1887.

8°: [1]-49, [5] p. In printed wraps. Page size: 218 x 144 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3], "Introductory."-signed J.S. Randall, January 1887.; [4], Blank.; [5]-49, Text.; [1 pg], Blank.; [3 pgs], "Index."; [1 pg], Blank.

Rare. The first published list of minerals found in the state of Colorado. The author based his descriptions on specimens contained in his own collection and their arrangement on James D. Dana's System of Mineralogy. For each species described, all known localities within Colorado are given.

2. English, 1893 [3rd edition].
Third Edition. | [rule] | Minerals | of [ornament] | Colorado. | [crystal drawing with white lines on black background] | Compiled By J.S. Randall. | [crystal drawing with white lines on black background] | Printed By The Courier, Georgetown, Colorado. | 1893.

8°: [1]-48 p. In printed wraps with title repeated on the front cover wrap. Page size: 242 x 164 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3], "The following are the periodicals referred to in the following pages: | ..."; [4], Blank.; [5]-48, "The Minerals of Colorado."

Very rare. Because of a larger page size the amount of text has increased, although the number of pages has decreased from the 1887 first edition.