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PLATT, Hugh.

(1552 – 1611?)

(Born: 1552; Died: c1611) English agricultural writer.

Platt matriculated at St. John's College, Cambridge in 1568 and received his degree in 1571-2. He turned his attention to natural science, practical invention and agriculture. He wrote several works, mostly regarding agriculture, that went through numerous editions.

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1. English, 1653.
[Contained within an ornate border:] The | Jevvel House | Of | Art and Nature: | Containing | Divers Rare and Profitable Inven- | tions, together with sundry new Experiments in | the Art of Husbandry. | With | Diver Chimical Conclusions concerning the Art | of Distillation, and the rare practises and uses thereof. | Faithfully and familiarly set down, according to | the Authours own experience. | [rule] | By Sir Hugh Plat of Lincolns Inne, Knight. | [rule] | Wherunto is added, A rare and excellent Discourse | of Minerals, Stones, Gums, and Rosins; with the vertues | and use thereof. By D.B. Gent. | [rule] | London: Printed by Bernard Alsop, and are to be | sold at his house in Grubstreet, near the Upper Pump. 1653.

4°: A-Z4 Aa-Gg4 (B2 signed C2); 120 l eaves.; [8], 232 p. Numerous errors in pagination. Ornamental initials and headpieces. The Discourse on Stones begins on Ff1r.

Scarce. Platt's first book and shows his extensive knowledge of practical agriculture matters. Thetreatise includes a compendium of 150 recipes, experiments and inventions. It was one of Platt's most popular works having been previously published in 1594 (first edition). It is, however, Arnold de Boate's [see note below] Discourse on Minerals, Stones, Gums and Rosins (pp. 217-232) that is of interest to the mineralogist.

Arnold de Boate. (Born: Gorcum, The Netherlands, 1600?; Died: Paris, France?, 1653?) Dutch physician, hebraist & writer. Brother of Gerard Boate. Boate received his M.D. from Leyden. He emmigrated to Ireland and opened a medical practice in Dublin. He became phsician-general of English forces in Ireland. He studied Hebrew rabbinical writings. Eventually, he relocated to Paris.

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