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PENNANT, Thomas.

(1726 – 1798)

(Born: 1726; Died: 1798) Welsh? naturalist.

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1. English, 1774-6.
A tour in Scotland, and Voyage to the Hebrides, MDCCLXXII. Chester [Eng.] Printed by J. Monk, 1774-76.

2 vols., plates, map, plans, ports.

Very scarce. Scotland-Description and travel. Hebrides (Scotland)-Description and travel.

Bibliographical references: BL [982.e.6.]. LKG: XIV 429.

2. English, 1776 [2nd edition].
A tour in Scotland and voyage to the Hebrides, 1772. Second edition. London, B. White, 1776.

2 vols., plates (part. fold.) ports., fold. maps. Very scarce.

Bibliographical references: BL [1562/105.(1.)].

3. German, 1779-80 [German transl.].
Reise durch Schottland und die Hebridischen Inseln ... übersetzt von J.P. Ebeling. Leipzig, 1779-80.

2 vols.

Very scarce. Translation by Johann Theodor Philipp Christian Ebeling [??-??] of A tour in Scotland and voyage to the Hebrides, 1772 (London, 1774-6).

Bibliographical references: BL [10370.c.5.]. LKG: XIV 430b.

4. English, 1793.
The Literary Life of the Late Thomas Pennant, by Himself. London, 1793.

4°: 144 p., frontispiece portrait of Pennant, 2 plates.

Scarce. A British naturalist and traveler; Pennant ( 1726-1798) began collecting minerals at the age of 20. Over his life he amassed a fine collection of over 1200 specimens, many from the Flintshire mines. He wrote a catalog of his collection and that resides in the British Museum of Natural History. The bulk of his original collection resides at the British Museum. Pennant wrote extensively on his travels and on zoology. These included "British Zoology" "Indian Zoology", "A Tour in Scotland", "A Tour in Wales", and others. His works included descriptions of the geology and mineral resources of the regions visited. He wrote the above work just before his death. The work contains his life's story, a brief look at his travels and written works followed by eight essays on various observations made over his life.

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