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PENFIELD, Samuel Lewis.

(1856 – 1906)

(Born: 1856; Died: 1906) American mineralogist.

Biographical references: ABA: I 1255, 76-82. Herringshaw's National Library of American Biography. WBI. Who Was Who in America.

1. English, 1901.
Contributions | To | Mineralogy And | Petrography | From The Laboratories Of The | Sheffield Scientific School | Of | Yale University | Edited By | S.L. Penfield | Professor of Mineralogy | And | L.V. Pirsson | Professor of Physical Geology | New York: Charles Scribner's Sons | London: Edward Arnold | 1901.

8°: π6 [1]-308 χ1; 247l.; [i]-xii, [1]-482 p., biblio., index. Page size: 224 x 146 mm.

Contents: [i-ii], "Yale Bicentennial Publications | Contributions To Mineralogy | And Petrography," verso blank.; [iii-iv], "Yale Bicentennial Publications | ...," verso blank.; [v-vi], Title page, verso "Copyright, 1901, | By Yale University | ..."; [vii], "Preface"-dated May 1901.; [viii], Blank.; [ix]-xii, "Contents."; [1]-377, "Part I.-Mineralogy | Edited By | S.L. Penfield."; [378], Blank.; [379]-480, "Part II.-Petrography | Edited By | L.V. Pirsson."; [481]-482, "Index."

Very scarce. Co-edited with L.V. Pirsson, who worked on the petrographical section. This volume comprises a series of reprints of some of the most important of the papers containing the results of the researches made in chemical, mineralogical, and petrographical laboratories at Yale in the lines of mineralogy and petrography. In addition, there are historical accounts of the development of theses sciences in Yale University. Appended bibliographies give complete lists of all the papers and books published by the researchers of the mineralogical and petrographical laboratories.

Manual of Determinative Mineralogy. With an Introduction on Blowpipe Analysis. By George J. Brush ...Revised and Enlarged, with Entirely New Tables for the Identification of Minerals. By Samuel L. Penfield ... Fifteenth Edition ... (New York, 1896 and other editions).
See under: Brush, George Jarvis.