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PELLETIER, Pierre Joseph.

(1788 – 1842)

(Born: 1788; Died: 1842) French chemist.

Student of Haüy's.

Biographical references: ABF: I 817, 267-271; II 507, 411. Biographie Universelle. Dezobry, Dictionnaire de Biographie, 1889. Nouvelle Biographie Générale (Hoefer). WBI.

1. French, 1812 [Dissertation].
Essai sur la Valeur des Caractères Physiques Employés en Minéralogie. Paris, D. Colas, 1812.

4°: 26, [2] p.

Very rare. This work was published as a thesis at the Université de Paris. Pelletier was a student of Haüy, and this thesis reviews the various physical properties of minerals, with notes on how to test for them and their relative value as a deterministic characteristic. Beijerinck notes that Pelletier's tenth section deals with the electrical properties of minerals.

Bibliographical references: Beijerinck, F., "Ueber das Leitungsvermögen der Mineralien für Elektricität," Jahrbuch der Mineralogie, Beilage Band, 11 (1898), 403-74. [Exhaustive paper on the electric conductivity of minerals, together with an interesting historical introduction to the subject.] [p. 408]. Journal de Physique: 1812, p. 311 [Extract]. Wellcome Catalog (Books): p. ??.