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PANAROLI, Domenico.

(1587 – 1657)

(Born: 1587; Died: Rome, Italy, 1657) Italian botanist & physician.

Panaroli was professor of botany at the University of Rome. Built in the first century AD, the Colosseum housed Gladiatorial combat until the sixth century. By 1643, when Italian doctor Domenico Panaroli compiled the first plant survey, Plantarum Amphytheatralium Catalogus, the Romans had made themselves at home. "It was full of people living and working, and a hideout for thieves," says Giulia Caneva of the University of Rome.

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Musaeum Barbarinum, 1656

1. Latin, 1656 [Collection catalog].
Mvsaevm | Barberinvm | Dominici Panaroli Romani | publici in Almæ Vbis Archigymnasio | Pharmaciæ, & Simplicium primum | Nvnc | Chirvrg. Et Anatomia Professoris, | & Archiatri Romani. | [Ornament showing the Roman god Dionysus, god of wine and festival].

4°: a-??4 Page size: 184 x 144 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3], "Eminentissimo, Et Reverendissimo | Principi | Francisco | Card. Barberino | S.R.E. | Vicecancellario."-dated February 1656.; [4], "Sophis Iatris, | omnibusque rariorum | Studiosis."; 5-??, Text.

Very rare. This is the catalog of Panaroli's museum. After a dedication to Cardinal Barberino [1568-1644], who became Pope Urban VIII, and a short preface explaining the scope of the collection, the contents of the collection are listed. It is an alphabetical list by item name, with no other information. Panaroli's museum apparently contained stones, gems, various beozaar stornes, plants, preserved animals and fish, etc.

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