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NIEREMBERG, Juan Eusebio.

(1595 – 1658)

(Born: Madrid, Spain, 1595; Died: Madrid, Spain, 1658) Spanish Jesuit scholar & naturalist.

Of German heritage, Nieremberg was born in Madrid and entered the Jesuit order. He became a professor of natural history at the Imperial College in Madrid. He authored many books which are known for their stylistic elegance and vivid descriptions.

Biographical references: ABE: I 659, 27-61; II 640, 366-374. Jöcher, Gelehrten-Lexikon, 1750-51. WBI.

1. Latin, 1635.
[In red:] Ioannis Evsebii Nierembergii | Madritensis Ex Societate Iesv | [in black:] In Academia Regia Madritensi | Physiologiæ Professoris | [in red:] Historia | Natvrae, | [in black:] Maxime Peregrinae, | [in red:] Libris XVI. Distincta. | [in black:] In quivus rarissima Naturæ arcana, etiam astronomica, & | ignota Indiarum animalia, quadrupedes, aues, pisces, | reptilia, insecta, zoophyta, plantæ, metalla, lapides, & | alia mineralia, fluuiorumque & elementorum condi- | tiones, etiam cum proprietatibus medicinalibus, descri- | buntur; nouæ & curiosissimæ quæstiones disputantur, ac | plura sacræ Scripturæ loca eruditè enodantur. | Accedunt de miris & miraculosis Naturis in Europâ Libri duo: | item de iisdem in Terrâ Hebræis promissâ Liber vnus. | [vignette] | [in red:] Antverpiæ, | [in black:] Ex Officina Plantiniana | Balthasaris Moreti. | [in red:] M. DC. XXXV.

2°: *4 A-Z6 Aa-Zz6 Aaa-Ddd6 Eee3; 307l.; [8], 1-502, [104] p., 69 text woodcuts. Title page printed in red and black. Engraved printer's mark on title page. Printer's devices and initial letters throughout.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [5 pgs], Dedication to Gaspari de Gusman, signed "Ioannes Eu sebius Nierembergius."; [1 pg], "Svmma Totivs Operis." [=Concise table of contents].; 1-386, Text.; 387-456, "... | De | Miris Et Miracvlosis | Natvris | In Evropa | ..."; 457-502, "De | Miris Et Miracvlosis | Natvris | In Terra Hebraeis Promissa | ..."; [14 pgs], "Index Capitvm | Historiæ Natvræ | Maxime Peregrinæ." [=Full table of contents].; [86 pgs/=Xx1r-Eee1v], "Index Rervm | Memorabilivm."; [2 pgs], "Approbatio."; [1 pg], Colophon, "Antverpiæ | Ex Officina Plantiniana | Balthasaris Moreti. | M. DC. XXXV."; [1 pg], Printer's device.

Scarce. This richly illustrated volume describes in 16 books items from the natural world. It contains the earliest published account of natural history in America, and is particularly important for its descriptions of animals in North America, including Mexico, and the East Indies. Incorporated are accounts of many American plants, animals, and minerals including the best early descriptions of bison, birds of paradise and many types of snakes. The descriptions of minerals occurs in chapter XVI (pages 373-386), and includes precious stones, emerald, amber, sapphire, gold, carbuncle, various lead ores, silver, beryl, gypsum, marble, salt, coloring pigments and agents, fossils, etc. The marvelous woodcuts (54 of animals and 15 of plants) by Christoffel Jegher [see note below] vividly illustrate the text, and in several cases picture some species for the first time. Appended to the end are 2 additional treatises. The first describes the miraculous natural wonders of Europe and the second gives an account of the same phenomena in the Promised Land of the Hebrews. The descriptions of the American items appear to be based on Francisco Hernandez's 16 volume manuscript in the Escorial library before it was destroyed by fire in 1671.

Christoffel Jegher. (Born: Antwerp, Belgium, 1590; Died: 1652/3) German engraver. Wood engraver of German extraction. He attracted the attention of the Flemish painter Rubens, who employed him to execute several cuts of his own design.

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