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NICOLIS DI ROBILANT, Spirito Benedetto.

(1722 – 1801)

(Born: Turin, Italy, 18 October 1722; Died: Turin, Italy, 1 May 1801) Italian military officer & mineralogist.

Nicolis di Robilante spent his life in Turin where he rose to the rank of General-Lieutenant and Chief of the Geniecorps in the Piedmont Army. He was a member of the Turin Academy of Science.

Biographical references: Torino, Memorie della Reale Accademia delle Scienze: 1805. Poggendorff: 2, cols. 285-6.

1. French, 1786.
Essai Geographique suivi d'une Topographie, Souterraine, Mineralogique, et d'une Docimasie des Etates de S. M. en Terre Ferme. Memoir Academie Royale. Turin, 1786.

4°: 106 p., folded engraved map, "Carte Topographique Mineralogique des etats du Roi."

Very scarce. An early and little known topographic mineralogy describing a porition of the Italian Alps. Included is a mineralogical map executed in the manner of Guettard's famous depictions, with symbols used to denote various locations where certain rocks and minerals have been observed in the Italian Alps. An early work in Italian mineralogy.

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