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(1877 – 1895)

1. English, 1877-95 [Periodical].
The Naturalists' Agency Monthly Bulletin. Philadelphia, A.E. Foote, January, 1877-January, 1878.

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Naturalists' Leisure Hour and Monthly Bulletin: Science and Practice. Philadelphia, A.E. Foote, Febrauary, 1878-1895.

Published, vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan., 1877)-vol. 19, no. 6 (Jan., 1895). Vol. 1 thru vol. 2, no. 1 were published under the title: The Naturalists' Agency Monthly Bulletin. Consecutive numbering begins with vol. 6, no. 61 (January, 1882) and continues to no. 161 at the end.

Rare. When Foote began selling minerals and other natural history items, he decided that a monthly advertisement bulletin would be appropiate. This he started in January 1877 as The Naturalists' Agency Monthly Bulletin, which continued under that title until January 1878. It was then continued under the title, Naturalists' Leisure Hour and Monthly Bulletin, which ceased in 1895 after 161 numbers. Each issue contained between 20-30 pages and was unpaginated. Books for sale are categorized in their specific scientific field: Medicine, Entomology, Scientific History, Archaelogy, etc. The first pages of each issue include articles of interest before the listings of sale catalog.

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