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MORISON, Thomas.

(1558? – 1603?)

(Born: Aberdeen, Scotland, 1558?; Died: Aberdeen, Scotland, 1603?) Scottish physician & diplomat.

Moresini was a physician who had studied at Montpellier and later became a successful diplomat in the services of Essex, the Earl of Huntly, etc.

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Liber Novus de Metallorum, 1593

1. Latin, 1593.
Liber Novvs | De | Metallorvm | Cavsis Et Trans- | svbstantiatione, | Editus per | Thomam Moresinvm | Aberdonanvm Scotvm, | Doctorem Medicum; | In Qvo Chimicorvm | quorundam inscitia & impostura Philosophicis, Medicis | & Chimicis rationibus retegitur & demostratur; | & vera iis de rebus doctrina solide | asseritur. | [ornament] | Francofvrti, | Apud Ioannem Wechelum. | [rule] | M D XCIII.

8°: A-H8 I2; 66l.; 1-130, [2] p., woodcut ornament on the title page. Woodcut initials and headpieces.

Contents: [1-2/=A1], Title page, verso blank.; 3-8 (=A2r-A4v), Dedication, "Invictissimo Regi Sco- | torvm Iacobo Sexto S." [=James IV].; 9-130 (=A5r-I1v), Text, beginning "De Metallo- | rvm Cavsis, Eorvm- | Qve Metamor- | phosj."; [1 pg/=I2r], "Ivdicivm Ivlii Cæsa- | ris Scaligeri, In Exotericis | ..."; [1 pg/=I2v], Blank.

Very rare. This is the first published work of Moresini of Aberdeen (Scotland). It is dedicated to James VI and is directed as an attack against alchemists and astrologers. Moresini did not believe in the transmution of one metal to another or the influence of the Sun or planets on metals here on earth. The author's principal patron was the Earl Anthony Bacon, the brother of Francis Bacon, who also maintained a correspondence with him. This work mentiones the minerals and their preparations used by the alchemists.

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