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(1742? – ?)


1. French, 1782 [Sale catalog, issue A].
Catalogue Raisonné d'Histoire Naturelle et de Physique, qui compose le Cabinet de M. de Montribloud. Lyon, Jacquenod; Paris, Durand, 1782.

8°: [4], 367 p.

Rare. First edition, first issue, with the title page dated 1782. Describes Montribloud's large collection of natural history specimens, ethnographical artifacts and scientific insturments. The "Avertissement" describes the collection's formation over 25 years, and that the chief sources were the famous cabinets of Dezallier d'Argenville, Madame de Boisjourdain and Davila. The collection was rich in shells, plants and minerals and consisted of 2,795 lots in all (with many items in a large number of lots). Included are 152 lots of scientific insturments including the electrical machines of Franklin and Nollet. Many American examples are represented.

The sale was supposed to have occurred in 1783, but was posponed until 1784, when this catalog was reissued with a new title page and an additional text.

Bibliographical references: BL.

2. French, 1784 [Sale catalog, issue B].
Catalogue Raisonné d'Objets d'Histoire Naturelle et d'Instrumens de Physique, qui composent le Cabinet de M. de Montribloud, dont la vente se fera le vendredi 13 Février 1784, et jours suivans de relevées, Hôtel de Buillion, rue Plâtrière ... Paris, Chez Dufresne naturaliste, rue Princesse, Faubourg Saint-Germain, 1784.

8°: [4], 367, 35 p.

Very scarce. Reissue of the original catalog with the addition of 35 pages.

Bibliographical references: Laissus, Cabinets d'Histoire Naturelle, 1964: p. 677-8.