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MONARDES, Nicholas Baptist.

(1493? – 1588)

(Born: Sevilla, Spain, c1493; Died: Sevilla, Spain, 1588) Spanish physician, naturalist & metallurgist.

Monardes studied at the University of Alcala, where he received the rank of bachelor in arts and philosophy (1530) and a bachelor of medicine (1533). He was influenced in his studies by Elio Antonio de Nebrija, a great humanist. In 1547, he became an instructor in medicine at the University of Seville, where he remained until his death at a very old age. Besides his expertise in medicine, he participated in mercantile companies, among which was the commerce of medices and the traffic of slaves.

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1. Spanish, 1575.
Primera y segunda y tercera partes de la historia medicinal de las cosas que se traen de nuestras Indias Occidentales que siruen en medicina ; Tratado de la piedra bezaar, y dela yerua escuerconera ; Dialogo de las grandezas del hierro, y de sus virtudes medicinales ; Tratado de la nieue y del beuer frio hechos por el doctor Monardes medico de Seuilla ... En Seuilla, En casa de Alonso Escriuano, 1574.

4°: [6], 206, [2]l., illus.

Very rare. Descriptions of the medicines derivied from plants, animals and minerals, especially the Bezoar stones, discovered in the new world.

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2. Spanish, 1580 [2nd edition].
Primera y segunda y tercera partes de la historia medicinal de las Cosas que se traen de nuestras Indias Occidentales, que sirven en medicina. Tratado de la Piedra Bezaar, y dela yerva Escuerçonera. Dialogo de las grandezas del hierro, y de sus virtudes medicinales. Tratado de la nieve, y del beuer frio ... Van en esta impression la tercera parte y el Dialogo del Hierro nuevamente hechos, que no han sido impressos hasta agora, ... Sevilla, 1580.

4°: [7], 162l., woodcut portrait. Very scarce.

Bibliographical references: BL [953.h.3.].

Latin editions

3. Latin, 1574 [Latin transl.].
De Simplicibvs | Medicamentis | Ex Occidentali India | Delatis, Qvorvm In | Medicina Vsvs Est. | Auctore D. Nicolao Monardis | Hispalensi Medico; | Interprete Carolo Clvsio Atrebate. | [ornament] | Antverpiæ, | Ex officina Christophori Plantini, | Architypographi Regij. | M. D. LXXIIII.

8°: A-E8 F-G4; 48l.; [1]-88, [8] p. woodcuts of plants and animals in the text. Includes index.

Very scarce. This is an abreviated Latin translation by Charles de l'Escluse [see note below] of Monardes' Dos libros ... (1565) and Segunda parte ... (1571) that described the medicinal discoveries of the New World.With, probably as issued: Aromatum et simplicium aliquot medicamentorum apud Indos nascentium historia primum quidem Lusitanica lingua per dialogos conscripta, D. Garcia ab Horto ... auctore. Antuerpiae : Ex officina Christophori Plantini ..., 1574.

Charles de l'Escluse. (Born: 1526; Died: 1609) Dutch. l'Escluse, better known by the Latin Carolus Clusius ..... Need Biography.

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English editions

Ioyfvll Nevves, 1577

4. English, 1577 [English transl.].
¶ Ioyfvll | Nevves Ovt Of | the newe founde worlde, wherein is | declared the rare and singular vertues of diuerse | and sundrie Hearbes, Trees, Oyles, Plantes, and Stones, with | their aplications, aswell for Phisicke as Chirurgerie, the saied be- | yng well applied bryngeth suche present remedie so, | notwithstandyng by practize founde out, | to bee true: Also the portrature of | the saied Hearbes, very apt= | ly discribed: Engli= | shed by Jhon | Framp= | ton | Marchaunt. | [ornament] | [ornament] | ¶ Imprinted at London in | Poules Churche-yarde, by | William Norton. | Anno Domini. | 1577.

2°: 3 p.l., 109 numb. l., [2] p., illus. Page size: 180 x 140 mm. Very scarce.

Facsimile reprint, 1925: Joyfull Newes | Out Of The | Newe Founde Worlde | Written In Spanish By | Nicholas Monardess | Physician Of Seville | And Englished By | John Frampton, Merchant | Anno 1577 | With an Introduction by | Stephen Gaselee | London: Constable and Co., Ltd. | New York: Alfred A. Knopf | 1925. [BL 012207. bb. 1/5.]

5. English, 1580 [English transl.].
[Contained within a border:] [Dark C] Ioyfull Newes | out of the new found world, | wherein are declared the rare and | singular vertues of diuers and sundrie | Herbs, Trees, Oyles, Plants [old R] Stones, | with their applications, aswell to the vse | of Phisicke, as Chirurgery: which being wel | applied, bring such present remedy for | all diseases, as may seeme altoge- | ther incredible: notwith- | standing by practize found | out, to be true. | Also the portrature of the sayde | Herbes, very aptly described: En- | glished by John Frampton | Merchant. | Newly corrected as by conference with | the olde copies may appeare. | Wherevnto are | added three other bookes treating of the Bezaar | stone, the herbe Escuerçonera, the properties of | yron and steele, in Medicine and the benefite of | snowe. | Imprinted at London, in Paules | Churchyard at the signe of the Quenes [sic] | Armes, by William Norton. | 1580.

4°: *4 A-Yy4 Zz2; 185l.; [4], 181, [1]l. Title within ornamental border.

Very scarce. Contributors Frampton, John, fl. 1577-1596First issue of the second enlarged edition-cf. Hunt botanical cat., no. 137.On half title to pt. 2: Written by Doctor Monardus ...Separate t.p., leaf [112]: A book which treateth of two medicines ...; separate t.p., leaf [139]: The dialogue of yron ...; leaf [171]: The boke which treateth of the snow ... Leaf *1, a blank, and 2Z2, colophon leaf.Materia medica -Latin America-Early works to 1800. Snow -Early works to 1800.

Bibliographical references: Hunt Botanical Catalog: no. 137. STC: no. 18006.

6. English, 1596 [English transl.].
Joyfull newes out of the new-found worlde. Wherein are declared, the rare and singuler vertues of divers herbs, trees, plantes, oyles and stones, with their applications, as well to the use of phisicke, as of chirurgery ... Also the portrature of the said hearbs ... Englished by John Frampton ... Newley corrected ... Whereunto are added three other bookes treating of the bezaar stone, the herb escuerconera, the properties of iron and steele, in medicine, and the benefit of snow ... London, Printed by E. Allde, by the assigne of Bonham Norton, 1596.

4°: [3], 187 (i.e., 180)l. Title page with woodcut border, woodcuts, ill. Each of the "three other books" has special half title.

Very rare. This is a translation by John Frampton, [fl. 1577-1596], a merchant who spent most of his life in Spain, of Monardes' Primera y segunda y tercera partes de la historia medicinal de las cosas que se traen de nuestras Indias occidentales qui sirven en medicinal published at Seville in 1574."A booke which treateth of two medicines most excellent against all venome, which are the bezaar stone, & the hearbe escuerconera ... Newley complyed by Doctor Monardus of Sevill. 1574. Translated ... by John Frampton. 1580": leaves [111r]-138r; "The dialogue of yron ... An echo for the Doctor Monardus ... In Sevill in the house of Alonso Escrivano": leaves 139r-163v; "The boke which treateth of the snow ... Written by Doctor Monardus ... 1574": leaves 173r [i. e. 164r]-187v (i. e. 180v).

Bibliographical references: STC: 18007. Wellcome Catalog (Books): 1, no. 4397.

Italian editions

Delle Cose', 1575

7. Italian, 1575 [Italian transl.].
Delle cose che vengono portate dall'Indie Occidentali pertinenti all'uso della medicina. Raccolte, & trattate dal dottor Nicolò Monardes, medico in Siviglia, parte prima. Nuovamente recata dalla spagnola nella nostra lingua italiana ... Parte seconda. Venetia, G. Ziletti, 1575.

2 vols. in one. 8°: [16], 140, [4] p.; [8], 159, [17] p.

Very scarce. Vol. 1 is a translation of the author's Dos libros, el vno trata de todas las cosas q trae de nras Indias Occidetales, que siruen al vso de medicina; v. 2, a translation of his Segunda parte del libro, de las cosas que se traen de nuestras Indias Occidentales. The 2 pts., with an additional 3d pt., were later republished with title Primera y segvnda y tercera partes de la historia medicinal. MS. notes (4 p.) bound in before Pte. 2.The De simplicibus Medicamentis ex Occidentali India delatis, quorum in Medicina usus est, by Nicolò Monardo (Monardes), a Spanish physician, translated into Latin by Charles de l'Ecluse, is a small book of 88 pages with descriptions of plants and illustrations. Different species from the New World are presented in a highly descriptive manner, including American copal, cinchona, sarsaparilla, dragon's blood, balsam, Brazilian bean and hot pepper. Also included are descriptions of some animals such as the armadillo and some mineral remedies such as the lapis sanguinalis and the lapis Caymanus.The first Italian edition of this classic work, preceded by Spanish editions printed in Seville in 1565, 1569, and 1574, and by several adaptations and condensations. According to Sabin and LeClerc, this first Italian edition, translated by Annibale Briganti, is very rare. Monardes' work, describing medicinal plants found in the New World, was among the first to describe tobacco, as well as more healthful plants found in the Americas. Its appeal was widespread. It may be better known to English readers by the title of its 1580 translation, JOYFULL NEWES OUT OF THE NEW FOUNDE WORLDE. Illustrated with handsome woodcuts of the plants. SABIN 49939.

Bibliographical references: Medina, Bibliotheca Hispano-Americana 1493-1810: 1, 237. Sabin, Dictionary, 1868-1936: no. 49939. Wellcome Catalog (Books): 1, no. 4396.

8. Italian, 1582 [Italian transl.].
Delle cose, che vengono portate dall'Indie Occidentali pertinenti all'vso della medicina raccolte, & trattate dal dottor Nicolò Monardes ... nouamente recata dalla spagnola nella nostra linguaitaliana ... In Venetia, Appresso Giordan Ziletti, 1582.

8°: a8 A-Q8 (a8 and G8 blank); ??l.; [16], 249 [i.e. 243], [13] p. Title vignette (printer's device). Includes index. Numerous errors in pagination.

Very scarce. With, probably as issued: Due libri dell'historia de i semplici ... / di Don Garzia dall'Horto. InVenetia : Appresso Francesco Ziletti, 1582.Pte. 1 (libro 1-2) is a translation of the author's Dos libros, el vno trata de todas las cosas ... que siruen al vso de medicina ... : el otro libro, trata de dos medicinas marauillosas ... Pte. 2 is a translation of the author's Segunda parte del libro, de las cosas que se traen de nuestras Indias Occidentales, que sirvan al vso medicina : de se trata del tabaco, y de la sassafras anadido vn libro de la nieue ... Pte. seconda, p. [113]-249 [i.e. 243] has separate t.p. with imprint: Appresso Francesco Ziletti. Dedicatory letter, signed Giordano Ziletti, dated 1574. At head of p. [214]: Libro che tratta della neve.

Bibliographical references: Hunt Botanical Catalog: no. 141. Wellcome Catalog (Books): 1, no. 4396.

German editions

9. German, 1615 [German transl.].
[Dialogo del hierro, y de sus grandesas] Translated from the Spanish by C. Clusius. Leipzig, 1615.

8°: Very scarce.

Bibliographical references: LKG: XVI 243.