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MOLL, Karl Ehrenbert.

(1760 – 1838)

(Born: Talgau near Salzburg, Austria, 21 December 1760; Died: Augsburg, Germany, 1 February 1838) German aristrocat & naturalist.

From 1790 until 1804 Von Moll was chancellor of the Exchequer for Salzburg. He then retired to private life in Munich and Augsburg where he devoted himself to natural history. In 1807 he was elected a member of the Academie der Wissenschaften (Academy of Science) in Munich, where he was secretary in the class of mathematics and physics until 1827. In 1815 his personal library and a portion of his extensive mineral collection was purchased by the British Museum. It was particularly rich in minerals from Salzburg and Tyrol. Another portion was later acquired by the Bavarian Academy of Science.

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1. German, 1784-5.
Naturhistorische Briefe über Oestreich, Salzburg, Passau und Berchtesgaden. Salzburg, J.J. Mayers, 1785.

2 vols. [Vol 1: 1784] 8°: [8], 332 p. (Vol. 1, p. 272 and 318 incorrectly numbered 472 and 280 respectively). [Vol 2: 1785] 8°: xxx, [2], 457, [6] p., 6 fine folding engraved plates (three of which are printed in reddish-brown ink), one large folding engraved map, and two folding printed tables.

Very scarce. Co-authored with Franz von Paula Schrank [1747-1835]. This is a handsomely illustrated account of the travels of Schrank and Moll. Their journey is described in a series of delightful letters with colorful and full descriptions of the flora, fauna, agriculture, minerals, local industries and customs, etc. A section on the "Flora berchtesgadensis," is contained in the second volume, pp. 155-323.

Franz von Paula Schrank. (Born: 1747; Died: 1835) German botanist. Schrank was a professor of botany at the University of Munich and first director of the botanical garden of that University.

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2. German, 1787.
Oberdeutsche Beyträge | zur | Naturlehre und Oekonomie | für das Jahr | 1787. | [rule] | Gesammelt und herausgegeben | von | Karl Ehrenbert von Moll, | [...4 lines of titles and memberships...] | [vignette] | Mit V. Kupfertafeln. | [double rule] | Salzburg, in der Jos. Mayers & Erben Buchhandlung, 1787.

8°: 72, 293 (i.e., 193), [2] p., frontispiece (folding; view of the Watzmann mountain), 5 plates (folding). Title vignette.

Very rare. This is a collection of works on natural history subjects all edited by Moll. Included are: Pascal Joseph Ferro, "Das Gebirgswasser bey dem Königsee in Berchtesgaden", Bernhard Haim, "Chemische Versuche", Franz von Paula Schrank, "Beschreibung einer neuen Wasserseide", "Mikroskopische Unterhaltungen", "Über die Gebirgswolken", "Kleine Reise nach Weltenburg" and others Johann Helfenzrieder, "Beschreibung einer Freyleiter", etc.

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3. German, 1797-1801 [Periodical].
Jahrbücher der Berg- und Hüttenkunde. Salzburg, Mayr, 1797-1801.

5 vols. in 6. 8°, with 11 folding engraved plates, 5 folding tables.

Very rare. Edited by Moll, these five volume form the complete series of the year books on mining and metallurgy which was continued under the title Annalen der Berg- und Hüttenkunde (Annals of Mining and Metallurgy).

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4. German, 1797 [Periodical].
Nebenstunden des Berg- und Hüttenmanns. Band I. Salzburg, Mayr, 1797.

8°: lxvi, 500, [2] p., 8 folding, engraved plates. Engraved title vignette.

Rare. With the Nebenstunden Moll was intending to publish a series of yearbooks with articles on mineralogy, geology, and mining; however, only this first volume appeared.

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Mittheilungen, 1829

5. German, 1829-35.
Mittheilungen aus seinem Briefwechsel. Prodromus seiner Selbstbiografie. (in 50 Abdrüken.). [Augsburg, Privately Printed by Volkhart], 1829-30-34-35.

4 vols. [Vol 1: 1829] 8°: [8], 248 p. (A-G). [Vol 2: 1830] 8°: [8], 249-600 p. (H-Q). [Vol 3: 1834] 8°: [8], 601-933, [1] p. (R-V). [Vol 4: 1835] 8°: [8], 935-1419, [2] p. (W-Z and supplement). Three lithographed plates (one printed on both sides) and diagrams & illus. in the text. Title vignette.

Rare. Privately printed correspondence of Von Moll of which only 50 examples were published. Included are Von Moll's letters to and from many important people of his time, including Beckmann, Bernoulli, Blumenbach, Brongniart, Eschwege, Gmelin, Gruner, Haüy, Jacobi, Thomas Jefferson, Karsten, Klaproth, Pallas, Sage, Siebold, Suckow, Trebra, and Volta. Subjects of the letters are wide ranging and include music, art, mining, and science especially mineralogy. As referenced in the title, Moll annotations of the letters act as a prospectus to an autobiography of his interesting life.

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