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MOISSENET, Vivant Léon.

(1831 – 1906)

(Born: 1831; Died: 1906)

Observations, 1877

1. English, 1877 [English transl.].
Observations | On The | Rich Parts Of The Lodes | Of Cornwall, | Their Form, and their Relations with the Directions of | the Stratigraphic Systems. | By | Professor L. Moissenet, | [...3 lines of titles and memberships...] | Translated From The French By | J.H. Collins, F.G.S., | [...4 lines of titles and memberships...] | [double rule] | London: | Simpkin, Marshall, And Co., Stationers' Hall Court. | Truro: | Lake And Lake, Princes Street. | [rule] | 1877. | All rights reserved.

8°: π6 A-I8 J5; 84l.; [i]-xii, [1]-152, [2] p, 8 plates (4 folding).

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso blank.; [iii]-iv, "Translator's Preface."-signed J.H. Collins, 19 June 1877.; v-vi, "Author's Preface."-signed L. Moissenet, 16 June 1877.; vii-ix, "Table Of Contents."; [x], Blank.; xi-xii, "Contents Of The Plates."; [8 plates].; [1]-6, "Introduction."; [7]-102, Text.; 103-106, "Conclusion."; 107-118, "Appendix. | Note A. | Explanation of Certain terms used in this Work, with the meaning | which is give to them in the theories of M. Elie de Beaumont."-signed L. Moissnet, 21 April 1877.; 119-126, "Note B. | A resisting bed being broken at right angles, ..."; 127-132, "Note C. | Description of the Dieagrams of Lodes Fc and Fa, Plates IV & V."; 133-141, "Note D. | On the numberical conditions of the eleven Ancient Systems in Corn- | wall, ..."; 142-145, "Note E. | On taking notes of the bearings and direction, and on there use of a compass | graduated in octants."; [146]-150, "Index."; [151]-152, "List Of Subscribers." [=170 names; p. 152, "Lake & Lake Printers, Truro."].; [1 pg], "Shortly will be published, in demy octavo, | ..."; [1 pg], Blank.

Plates: All the plates are signed Lake & Lake, Truro. They comprise: I. Copper mines & cross-sections (folding). II. "Turns" & "Warps." III. Effect of Granite Upheaval. IV. Lodes (folding). V. Lodes-vertical prfection (folding). VI. Lodes & cross-courses (folding). VII. Compass & diagrams. VIII. Sketches illustrating the Mountain Systems & the Réseau pentagonal of M. Elie de Beaumont.

Very scarce. Translation by J.H. Collins of Études sur les filons du Cornwall, parties riches des filons structure de ces parties et leur relation avec les directions des systémes stratigraphiques (Paris, 1874). This translation, limited to 400 copies, is a valuable and comprehensive work on Lode-Mining in the mines of Cornwall. The preparation of this English edition was commissioned by the Council of the Miners' Association of Cornwall and Devon for use by the engineers in the area. It is probably the best record of the geology and techniques used in the mines, that produced so many unique mineral species.

The text is divided into two long chapters. The first describes the variations in the grade of mineralized veins, and gives advice on locating the richer portions. Moissenet notes that in Cornwall the rich parts are generally enclosed in rocks of moderate hardness and that the veins often dip in the same direction as the enclosing rocks. Chapter two provides general ideas on the mechanisms for the depositing of metalliferous substances in the region and descriptions of the general character of rocks and lodes in Cornwall. An appendix at the end, provides the first appearance in English of Elie de Beaumont's terms used in describing the relative ages of mountains.

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