Schuh’s Annotated Bio-Bibliography

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MILLER, James.

(1760? – ?)

English chemist.

Biographical references: BBA: I 768, 48-49. Watt, Bibliotheca Britannica, 1824. WBI.

1. English, 1794.
A Synopsis of Mineralogy, rendered easy and familiar, in a variety of the most useful, as well as most entertaining Processes, or Operations, on Mineral Bodies. By James Miller. [London:] G. Nicol, [1794].

2°: 26l., listing 13 tables.

Very rare. Designed to concisely describe all of the major concepts of mineralogy by use of thirteen comparative tables, this folio was possibly written in conjunction with a series of mineralogy lectures.

Bibliographical references: BL [33.h.1.]. Dryander, Catalogus Banks, 1796-1800: 4, p. 13. English Review: 23 (1794), 338. LKG: XII 135.