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MEINECKE, Johann Ludwig Georg.

(1781 – 1823)

(Born: Stadthagen, Lippe-Schaumburg, Germany, 3 January 1781; Died: Schkeuditz, Germany, 27 August 1823) German mathematician & naturalist.

From 1805 to 1811, Meinecke was an instructor of physics and mathematician at the Paedagogium in Halle. In 1814 he became professor of physics, chemistry and natural history at the Artillery and Engineering School in Cassel. Finally he became professor ordinary of technology at the University of Halle.

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Ueber den Chrysopras, 1805

1. German, 1805.
Ueber | den Chrysopras | und die denselben begleitenden | Fossilien | in Schlesien. | [tapered rule] | Ein mineralogischer Versuch | von | Johann Ludwig Georg Meinecke, | Doctor der Philosophie, correspondirendem Mitgliede der | mineralogischen Societät Jena. | [Rectangular engraved vingette showing a map of Schlesien, Germany, signed "Meinecke del." and "J. Nussbiegel sc."] | [ornate rule] | Erlangen, | bei Johann Jacob Palm. 1805.

8°: π3 )(2 A-G8 H4; 65l.; [10], [1]-120 p., folding table (p. 32). Page size: 200 x 118 mm.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [4 pgs], Dedication, signed Johann Ludwig Georg Meinecke, 31 August 1804.; [4 pgs], "Vorbericht."; [1-2], Sectional title page verso blank? (missing from copy examined).; [3]-120, Text.

Very scarce. A topographical work describing the high quality chrysopras and related minerals found in Schliesia of what is now part of Poland. With in this book, material from this locality is thoroughly examined by Meinecke with regard to its geology, occurrence, associations, theories on origins, a history of chrysopras citing several dozen authorities, its nomenclature, etc.

Bibliographical references: BL [726.c.18.(5.)]. LKG: XVI 187. Sinkankas, Gemology Bibliography, 1993: no. 4349. USGS Library Catalog.

2. German, 1808.
Lehrbuch der Mineralogie mit Beziehung auf Technologie und Geographie für Schulen und Privatunterricht, von J.L.G. Meinecke. Halle, Bei Hemmerde und Schwetschke, 1808.

8°: xiv, 208 p.

Very scarce. A guide used for the first instruction in mineralogy, it developes a mineralogical system based on external characteristics and relates the science to geography and technology. The volume is broken into seven major sections: introduction, learning the characteristics, elementary minerals, conglomerate minerals, instructions concerning the petrifications, geognosy, and the primitive state of solid bodies from the earth.

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3. German, 1824 [2nd edition].
Lehrbuch der Mineralogie, mit Beziehung auf Technologie und Geographie. Zweite ... Auflage. herausgegeben von E. F. Germar ... Mit vier Kupfertafeln. Halle, 1824.


Very scarce. Edited by Franz Ernst Germar. There is a second titlepage, which reads: "Lehrbuch der gesammten Mineralogie von E. F. Germar."

Bibliographical references: BL [7104.aa.21.].

Mineralogisches Taschenbuch, 1820

4. German, 1820.
Mineralogisches | Taschenbuch | für | Deutschland. | [rule] | Zum Behuf | mineralogischer Excursionen und Reisen | herausgegeben | von | Meinecke und Keferstein. | [tapered rule] | Halle, | bei Hemmerde und Schwetschke | 1820.

12°: π12 A-S12; 228l.; [i]-xxiv, [1]-432 p. Page size: 160 x 100 mm.

Contents: [i-ii], Title page, verso blank.; [iii], Dedication to Lenz, Noeggerath and Ullmann.; [iv], Blank.; [v]-viii, "Vorrede."; [ix]-xxiv, "Inhalt."; [1]-418, Text.; [419]-432, "Register."

Scarce. Co-authored with Christian Keferstein, this book is designed as a traveller's guide to the mineralogical wealth of Germany. The text is a descriptive mineralogy with locality information divided into 7 sections based upon the chemical makeup of the minerals: (1) Silicates, (2) Carbonates, (3) Coal and Bitumens, (4) Native Metals, (5) Sufides minerals, (6) Metallic Oxides, and (7) Metallic Salts. At the conclusion is a comprehensive index of the minerals described.

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