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MANGOLD, Christoph Andreas.

(1719 – 1767)

(Born: Erfurt, Germany, 1719; Died: Erfurt, Germany, 2 July 1767) German physician.

Mangold studied medicine and philosophy at the Universities of Erfurt and Jena. He accompanied Count Gotter in his travels in France. In 1751, he was named professor ordinary of anatomy, chemistry and philosophy at the University of Erfurt. He held membership in the Erfurt Academie der Wissenschaften (Academy of Science). His writings consist of dissertations and academic programs on medical and chemical themes. Ferguson (1906) that "it can be said of him that he studied himself to death. On the 29 June 1767, he took a fancy in the evening to write a dissertation, and he worked through the cold night till 1 o'clock in the morning; at 9 o'clock he was found unconscious, and his death took place on 2 July 1767."

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Generatione Fossilivm Figvratorvm, 1745

1. Latin, 1745 [Dissertation].
De | Generatione | Fossilivm Figv- | ratorvm, | Commentatvr, | Et | Prælectiones Pvblicas | In | Historiam Natvralem, | Rationalem, | Indicit | Christoph. Andreas Mangold, | Med. Doctorand. Phil. D. Et Facvlt. Philos. Assess. Extraord. | Et Prof. P. | [rule] | Erfordiæ, | Typis Joh. Christoph. Heringii, | Acad. Typogr.

4°: A-B4; 8l.; [16] p.

Contents: [2 pgs], Title page, verso blank.; [14 pgs], Text, dated on the last line of the last page, 4 August MDCCXLV [=1745].

Very rare. A dissertation giving a commentary on the generation of figured stones and public reflections in the rational of natural history.

Bibliographical references: BL [no copy listed]. Ferchl: p. 336. NUC [no copy listed]. Personal communication [Photocopy supplied by Larry Conklin]. Poggendorff: 2, col. 34.

2. Latin, 1765.
Programa de necessitate sollicite investigandi strata terrae ad utilem mineralium cognitionem. Erfordiæ, 1765.

4°: Very scarce.

Bibliographical references: BL [no copy listed]. LKG: XIII 110.