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(1868 – 1929)

(Born: 1868; Died: 1929) Scottish geologist.

Macnair was a lecturer on geology and mineralogy at the University of Glasgow as well as the curator of the Natural History Collections, Kelvingrove Museum. F.R.S.E. & F.G.S.

Introduction, 1910

1. English, 1910 [Collection catalog].
Introduction | To The | Study Of Minerals | And | Guide | To The | Mineral Collections | In | Kelvingrove Museum, | By | Peter Macnair, F.R.S. (Edin.), F.G.S., | Curator Of The Natural History Collections. | [ornament] | Glasgow: | Printed By Robert Anderson, 142 West Nile Street. | 1910.

8°: π8 B-D8 E3; 35l.; [1]-70 p., frontispiece (pseudogaylussite), 61 text figs. Page size: 216 x 140 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3], Preface, signed Jas. Paton.; [4], Blank.; [5]-6, "Contents."; 7, "Plan of Mineralogical and Geological Gallery."; [8], Blank.; [9]-65, Text.; 66-70, "Index."

Very scarce. This guide to the mineral collections in the Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow, Scotland was written to also serve as an introductory text to the study of mineralogy. The text first illustrates broad principals of the science, then it uses a systematic arrangement of the collection to reinforce those principals. A student using this guide to view the Museum's collection can move case to case and examine specimen properties such as crystal form, chemical composition, physical and optical properties. Then the student can progress to the systematic collection and work from elements to complex oxides, pseudomorphs, and precious stones. A concluding section gives a history of the collection. A map on page 7 shows the arrangement of the cases.

2nd edition, 1921: Introduction to the Study of Minerals and Guide to the Mineral Collections in the Kelvingrove Museum Glasgow. By Macnair Peter. Glasgow, Hay Nisbet, 1921. viii, 94 p., illus. [BL,].

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