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LOMMER, Christian Hieronymus.

(1736? – ?)

German mining expert.

Biographical references: ADB. DBA: I 780, 59-60. Jöcher, Gelehrten-Lexikon, Supplement. Meusel, Verstorbenen Teutschen Schrifsteller, 1802-16. Poggendorff: 1, col. 1493. WBI.

Abhandlung vom Hornerze, 1776

1. German, 1776.
Abhandlung | vom | Hornerze | als | einer neuen Gattung | Silbererz. | Abgefasset | von | Christian Hieronymus Lommer. | [ornament] | Mit einem Kupfer. | [rule] | Leipzig, | bey Adam Friedrich Böhme. 1776.

8°: A-D8 E3; 35l.; [1]-66, [4] p., one folding plate (6 figures of silver containing minerals). Page size: 202 x 127 mm.

Contents: [1-2], Title page, verso blank.; [3-4], Dedication, dated 5 March 1776.; [5]-66, Text.; [3 pgs], "Inhalt."; [1 pg], "Druckfehler."

Rare. A description of the mineralized forms of the silver chloride and bromide mineral species found in the German mines. Because of their particular crystallization characteristics, they resembled the horns of animals when encountered in the mines, hence the nickname given by the miners "horn-silver". The first portion of the text recounts the history of hornerzes, including its first discovery, the origin of the name, its occurance, and the probable origin of the ore in the mines. The second portion provides a natural history of the species including external characteristics and its forms and crystal structure. The plate shows 6 figures of various crystallized specimens.

Bibliographical references: LKG: XVI 294.

2. German, 1785.
Beitrag zu der Preisfr.: Wie waren die Bergwerke der Alten beschaffen? etc. Freiberg, 1785.

8°: Very scarce.

Bibliographical references: LKG: II 8.